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Can You Believe I Survived

As I am writing this post Melinda is on her flight from LA back to Baltimore, MD. From what she told me and from what I saw on Twitter the Conagra Fight Child Hunger campaign went well. Melinda was busy from the time she stepped off of the airplane and is extremely exhausted but it […]

Me And The Kids All Alone

Melinda will be leaving Tuesday for LA for the Conagra Child Ends Hunger Here campaign. In order for Melinda to be away for two days I need to step in which means I will be with the kids ALONE. Well, not 100% alone because Melinda will be dropping the kids off in Delaware at my in-laws which […]

Join ConAgra Foods to Fight Child Hunger & Basket Giveaway-CLOSED

Hopefully you are all aware that I’ve been working with ConAgra Foods on their Child Hunger Ends Here campaign. The focus of the campaign is to of course raise money for Feeding America but more importantly to raise awareness of the growing problem that is plaguing our nation: our children are hungry. My goal for […]

Growing Up Hungry-Child Hunger Ends Here

Growing up hungry shouldn’t be something a child has to experience. Food is a necessity and should be available at all times. My childhood was littered with moments of hunger, moments wondering where was the food.  Dinner time would come around but there was nothing on the stove. I remember searching sofa cushions for change […]

Child Hunger Ends Here with ConAgra Foods

Child Hunger is a harsh reality in America. Nearly 1 in 4 kids don’t know where there next meal is coming from. Children who are hungry may develop physical problems, such as slower growth and inhibited brain development; and illnesses including stomach aches, headaches, colds, ear infections, and fatigue. Lack of proper nourishment during significant […]