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2012 Ford Edge SEL Review

I am very into cars and I love every opportunity I get to review a new car.  Recently I got an opportunity to review the 2012 Ford Edge and I am very happy that I did.  I want to start by saying I love Ford.  We have owned a Ford since 2005 which Melinda drives […]

Everything Has a Place in the New Ford Escape

I remember when car companies thought lighted mirrors were an attraction for women.  When I bought my Ford Taurus many years ago the salesman pointed out safety and comfort features to Rob and pointed out the DUAL visor mirrors to me as if I’d be impressed.  Today the clever cargo features offered in the new […]

Box Tops for Education and Ford Partnership

This past summer I spent some time learning all about the Box Tops for Education® (BTFE) program at Box Tops University and how easily schools can earn extra cash to fill the budget gaps. Since 1996 schools across America have earned more than $400 million for things like new textbooks, playground and gym equipment and […]

This Car Looks Good In Our Driveway

A little while back Melinda and I had a chance to drive the Ford Flex Titanium while heading to Reviewers Retreat 2011 in the Poconos. First reason I was excited was because we currently own a Ford and love it and the second reason was because the Flex is awesome. The Ford Flex comes right […]

2010 Ford Taurus Test Drive Opportunity

Last week we received the 2010 Ford Taurus SEL for review from Ford Motor Company to be Ford Bloggers. We are Ford lovers to begin with and in the past we owned a 2002 Ford Taurus but traded it in for a Ford Freestar minivan because we needed the space. We loved our Taurus but we […]

2010 Ford Taurus – Awesome Car!

Today the 2010 Blue Steel Ford Taurus we are reviewing was delivered to the house and let me tell you I was very excited.  As soon as I got home from work the first thing I wanted to do was take the car for a test drive but we needed to eat dinner first.  After dinner […]