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What’s in Minneapolis?

There isn’t much I know about Minneapolis except for the purple man himself Prince, MollyinMinn and the Canadian eh’ added to end of words and sentences. Then I got an invite to visit and learn more about the General Mills Boxtops for Education program. You’ve seen them, the pink badge thing on boxes of cereal, rolls of toilet paper and many other everyday household items.

I’m headed over to General Mills today to learn how the program works, how to get my own schools more involved and earn a piece of the $49 million that was raised last year.

Boxtops for Education is a program for schools to earn extra funds needed for curriculum, activities, supplies and even the fun stuff like playground equipment and outings. Simply cutting out that little pink square and sending it in to your child’s school can make a big difference.

I’m guilty of throwing some away but I think this trip is going to open my eyes to the opportunities that we’ve been missing out on.

Thanks to General Mills and the Boxtops for Education program for sending me out to Minneapolis and the education I’m about to receive.