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Modern Mom Problems

Similar to #FirstWorldProblems us smartphone carrying, minivan driving, Pinterest browsing mamas have our own issues to deal with each day as we tackle the world with kids in tow, errands to run and mani/pedis to schedule.

  • The car dealer moved my seat when they changed the oil in my car.
  • My Skinny Soy Vanilla Chai Latte has too much foam.
  • It’s Saturday night and we’re down to 1 bottle of Moscato.
  • The Blow Dry Bar is booked till Tuesday.
  • The Zoya nail color I just bought clashes with my new lip gloss.
  • Instagram keep shutting down so I can’t share my photo of the long line at Target.
  • It’s only Thursday and I’m out of yoga pants.
  • It’s so much work to put cases on my goose down pillows.
  • I couldn’t DVR the new episode of Scandal because there were already 2 other shows recording.
  • The dishwasher wasn’t run last night so now I have to hand wash the cereal bowls.
  • The phone battery was low when I went to story time at the library so I had to read a magazine
  • I unsubscribed from a newsletter only to get another email confirming my unsubscribe.

If you take offense to any of these then it’s time to take a look at the world you live in an your priorities. I recognize my pettiness and selfishness and can easily poke fun at myself. You should be able to do the same.



  1. LOL! Great reminder about getting wrapped up in our own problems when we have so much to be thankful for.

  2. Betty Baez says

    hahahaha! my favorite ones are the moscato and yoga pants one

  3. I can’t stand unsubscribing just to get another saying I unsubscribed. Drives me bonkers!

  4. Just had to tell you that I love your little footer at the bottom of this post. So true.

  5. Ha. I’m so glad you recognize the funny things that bug us. I know they don’t matter in the grand scale, but they sure can bug you in the moment! Especially the unsubscribe emails! I need a VA to manage all of my email subscriptions alone! 🙂

  6. SO funny and so true! My favorite: The dishwasher wasn’t run last night and now I have to hand wash the cereal bowls. I feel the same way:)

  7. LOVES IT. Haha. I never take myself too seriously (as people can usually tell from my writing) and that is stuff I bitch about all the time too. And wait, you can’t run the dishwasher for just 4 bowls? Oops.

  8. I love this list!! I’d add to it when I can’t get wifi during my kids’ 90 minute soccer practices.

  9. Oh no. It looks like you had a lot of bad things happening that week!
    I loved the one about your nail polish clashing with your lip gloss. That definitely is a problem : )

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