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Inappropriate influences

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I feel like I am influenced by everything around me. Things like television and music probably affect me the most. However it seems like it’s just influencing me to hate them. I can’t stand 95% of the music on the radio and I feel a special kind of hatred towards artists like Katy Perry and K-E-$-HA. It seems like their music is just really inappropriate for my siblings to be listening to. Kesha is constantly singing about drinking and doing drugs and my sister will walk around singing her songs without knowing what she is really saying. It’s really creepy.

gross kesha

And then there’s the TV. Stuff like Jersey Shore and Teen Mom is absolutely ridiculous. They just make it look cool for people to act like idiots or to get pregnant at 16. You have no idea how many Baby Snookies I see at school now. I don’t understand why this is seen as entertainment because it’s just stupid. It’s very inappropriate to pay these people so other people can watch them be morons. There are plenty of other TV shows on that are actually interesting for the people where the actors deserve to be paid for their work.

I Disclose


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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It’s so good to hear someone (much) younger than myself speak out about this. I worry about my grandkids who listen to their mom’s rap music and see the idiotic celebrity “reality” shows that are always on…yuck!

    • Sabreena says

      We teenagers aren’t all complete idiots when it comes to what we chose for entertainment.

  2. Ugh the worst was when my boyfriends daughter was in the car (who was 9 at the time) and started singing Riahannas “S+M” and he was like OMG and went to change the channel and she was all like no me and my mom sing this song all the time, it is our favorite! I am all for freedom of expression but artists today are very blunt when talking about sex and drugs and that is not the message kids should be hearing

    Don’t even get me started on clothes for girls. I see so many girls wearing stuff that girls in their 20’s used to wear with the booty shorts and low cut super tight tank tops. I almost lost my mind when I heard a 9 year old complain that her skinny jeans weren’t tight enough.

  3. The thing is to stand by what you believe in and don’t be led by media pressure. It’s definitely possible and you’ll feel better about yourself as an adult. I have a “little” friend who is 21, absolutely sweet, active in her church and has high morals and self-esteem. She doesn’t feel the need to be influenced, because she is strong and sure of herself. I just wish more girls felt that they needed no one else’s approval and could be their real selves.

  4. Great post Sebreena! I agree with the music, this is why I listen to country:) I had a time in my life I loved rap etc, but not anymore. As for TV I just don’t watch it. To many crazy shows anymore for young people to make a dime, sickening!

  5. Amen girl! You’re absolutely right, and I’m impressed that you are bold enough to speak up about it! If only more teens your age were as smart as you are!

  6. Love hearing your perspective Sabreena. I am thankful my girls felt the same way about stuff when they were in high school. Trust me, sticking to your beliefs like this will help you stand out in a positive way at school. As you get older, you’ll begin to see how respected you are for not being a lemming and following the crowd! Great post!

  7. Country music??? There’s a tear in my beer, cuz I’m crying for you dear!!! LOL

  8. Jessica Beard says

    I agree! I always listen to country or easy listening because of the music out today. I don’t want my son hearing the words even at his young age. What happened to the family oriented shows on tv? I wish we could get back to those days.

  9. Jennifer says

    I’m definitely NOT a fan of K$sha nor am I a fan of Rhianna. Heck, I don’t even like Madonna and she is definitely MY generation. Lyrical content isn’t what offends me as much as all the other media that is attached. For example, the songs may be catchy and the lyrics completely inappropriate, but it’s the visuals that really ‘get’ me. Videos tell a story, which is usually so ridiculous that even my 12 year old doesn’t ‘buy’ it. Not everyone is wealthy, not everyone drinks Cristal (or whatever it is) and not everyone needs bling to be happy. It’s the completely unrealistic, fantasy-driven, immediate gratification elements that bother me the most. I don’t want my children thinking that they need to look like Snookie, or one of those horribly girls on that gypsy wedding show in order to be accepted or successful.

    For the record, we listen to a lot of jazz and classical and NEVER watch videos.

  10. Jeff Legg says

    This article looks to be a good example of a family that communicates with each other! Parents that obviously are teaching right and wrong, but haven’t tried to hide the world from their kids,and a young adult that has listened and made up her own mind based on right and wrong. Very sound observations!

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