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Spicy Oatmeal Raisin Butterscotch Cookies #kidsinthekitchen

When fall rolls around the tastes for snacks and treats change. When it’s time for dessert its usually fewer requests for ice cream but more for gooey brownies. After School Snacks are now warm or spicy or sometimes a little of both like these oatmeal raisin butterscotch cookies. With a big dose of cinnamon and […]

S’mores Cookies #recipe

In honor of the dad in our home, Rob, we came up with a treat for the nights we don’t get to spend by the fire. You see, we outfitted our yard with a firepit this spring, bought some chairs then bought some vintage furniture and are re-doing it and bought a hammock and got […]

Chewy Coconut Cookies #recipe

I’m a cookie brat. I’m particular about the flavors and types of cookies I eat. I don’t eat packaged cookies except for the occasional Oreo or Samoa. I prefer my cookies fresh, made from scratch and warm. This means homemade cookies often get eaten before they’re even cooled. These Chewy Coconut Cookies are especially good when […]

Mom’s Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies #kidsinthekitchen #recipe

Baking cookies with your kids is probably the most fun you can have in the  kitchen besides eating them. This week for #kidsinthekitchen we made MY favorite chocolate chip cookies. The recipe is simple, but you’ll notice  a little twist in them. I’m not sure it that’s what makes them  my favorite but I’ll keep […]

Making Fortune Cookies, Chinese New Year #kidsinthekitchen

Today is Chinese New Year. It’s the Chinese culture’s most important celebration as it is a time for family reunion. Our plan was to celebrate with a fun food activity, making Fortune Cookies. What I thought was going to be a fun group activity was way wrong. There was nothing kid friendly about it. In […]

Valentine’s Day Thumbprint Heart Cookies

To wrap up our week of Valentine’s Day themed crafts and activities we’re showing off our Thumbprint Heart Strawberry Preserve Cookies. As you’ll see Shae and Shaun didn’t really use their thumbs but Fingerprint cookies don’t have the same ring to it. We started with a simple soft cookie dough. Ingredients 1cup butter, softened 2/3 cup […]

Sweet and Salty Chocolate Chip and Walnut Cookies

There’s nothing like a classic chocolate chip cookie but taking that simple recipe in another direction can transform the flavor to something more decadent and appealing for new taste buds. These Sweet and Salty Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies are of course sweet from the chocolate but the addition of coarse salt & toasted walnuts give […]

Witch Finger Cookie #FAIL #kidsinthekitchen

A few days ago I shared this link for Skeleton Gingerbread Girls. I showed it to Shae and she said she wanted to try to make them. I happened to buy a set of christmas cookie cutters this week so I was onboard but things went terribly wrong. We started with a shortbread cookie. I […]

Gluten Free Chewy Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookie #kidsinthekitchen

I had my niece Madi over last week for a few hours but my own kids weren’t home so I needed something fun to do. I figured BAKE! Kids like to eat and play with their food so the answer was easy. The problem lies with her Celiac Disease. Madi can’t have wheat, rye or […]

Russian Tea Cakes #Recipe #ChristmasCookies

Also known as Mexican Wedding Cookies, butterballs, snow cookies, jumbles and many other monikers, these little sugary buttery cookies are delicious no matter what you call them. I’ve seen many variations of this recipe and I love this one the best. These are Rob’s favorite cookies, one of the few good childhood memories he has. […]