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Making Fortune Cookies, Chinese New Year #kidsinthekitchen

Today is Chinese New Year. It’s the Chinese culture’s most important celebration as it is a time for family reunion. Our plan was to celebrate with a fun food activity, making Fortune Cookies.Making Fortune Cookies #kidsinthekitchen
What I thought was going to be a fun group activity was way wrong. There was nothing kid friendly about it. In fact I should’ve just left the kids out of the kitchen. Things weren’t as “easy-going” as YouTube made it out to be.  The kids did help with the fortunes and cutting them and folding them and adding them to the scorching cookie as I tried to fold them.

Fortunes in a Fortune Cookie #kidsinthekitchen
We started off with a very simple cookie batter recipe then I had to spread 2 circles of batter on a cookie sheet and bake for 12 minutes. That turned out to be the longest 12 minutes ever.  As soon as they came out of the oven they had to be handled, bent, shaped and stuffed with a fortune. These babies were HOT. Sabreena was using her sweatshirt sleeves so she didn’t burn her fingers. I was using silicon oven mitts. I always hear about chefs having “asbestos fingers”, I guess I’m nowhere near that level.

Making Fortune Cookies #kidsinthekitchen Sabreena and I thought we had it under control and put 4 circles of batter in at once to speed up the process. We had 2 casualties that time. One cookie that didn’t take on a very good shaped and one that never made it off the baking sheet.

Making Fortune Cookies #kidsinthekitchen Was it fun? YES. Will I ever attempt it again? Probably Not. Best part though is they tasted really good.

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