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How to Overcome these 6 Challenges of Planning a Child’s Birthday Party

For 364 days out of the year, your child looks forward to their next birthday. And for most children, this means hosting a birthday party. As a parent, the pressure of hosting a fun party with all of your child’s friends can be too much to bear. But it doesn’t have to be as challenging […]

4 Ways to Incorporate Both Sides of the Family For an Extra Special Baby Shower

Organizing a family event can be chaotic, fun and exciting. Not only do you get busy choosing what food to serve and setting up the theme of the party but you get to be excited about the thought of seeing the faces of your loved ones. But what happens when you are in the midst […]

Sustainable Cashmere Fashion | Giveaway WSRW Blog Party

An outfit needs the right finishing touch. This could be jewelry, shoes or in my case a scarf. I’ve been collecting scarves for years and love the added warmth, touch of color or polished look they give. I have a collection different materials and colors for every season. NEPALI by TDM Design works directly with […]

Baby Shower Blog Party Winners

Storkie Express $50 GCI am Lee-Ann…, 82 August 9, 2009 6:41 PMEntered the nursery bedding giveaway. The Bomb Mom tee or onesiemom2anutball, 163August 21, 2009 8:26 AMI follow you all on twitter, and I tweeted!http://twitter.com/mom2anutball/status/3448645367hawkgirl_16{at}hotmail{dot}com EarthMamaAngelBaby Angel Care kitSunnyView, 90August 9, 2009 8:08 PMWhat impresses me most about them is their practice of providing physical […]

Baby Shower Gift #10 Kushies Nursing Pillow and Canopy

As parents we need to provide certain things for our children; a safe environment, healthy nutrition and unconditional love. That doesn’t mean we can’t do them in style and comfort. Kushies provides an extensive selection of baby gear, apparel, bath toys, cloth diapering accessories and more. Using its original product, Kooshies cloth diaper, as a […]

Baby Shower Gift #9 Swaddle Blanket

As a new parent you need to know a lot of things; how to pack a diaperbag, how to install the carseat, how to work the cabinet child locks. These are all important but one of the most important things is how to get your child to sleep well. One trick that worked with all […]

Baby Shower Gift #8 Kenneth Brown Nursery Bedding

So you’re pregnant! There’s a long list of stuff you need to do; pick out furniture, research safe carseats, attend birthing classes and of course buy buy buy all of the things a baby needs. One of these things is baby bedding. As parents we want something that is fun and inviting and of course […]

Baby Shower Gift #7 The Baby Gift Basket Co

When you are invited to a Baby Shower are you always stuck on what to buy. Gift Certificates are practical, clothes are cute and diapers are boring. Give something FUN but useful like a Diaper Cake from The Baby Gift Basket Co. The Friendly Frogs 3-Tier Diaper Cake is stuffed full with 35 disposable diapers, […]

Baby Shower Gift #6 Kissaluvs One-Size diaper and Cloth-n-Go bag

Start your new baby’s life in the fluffy softness of a cloth diaper. While I wasn’t aware of the choices available when Sabreena and Shaun were little, Shae was the lucky one to wear cloth diapers. Our very first diapers were Kissaluvs fitteds. They really were great and she looked so adorable in them. I […]

Baby Shower Gift #5 Pediped Flex Shoes

Moms know that allowing children to go barefoot is best for their developing feet. Bare feet allows for normal growth and proper musculature and strength maturity. What happens when we go play outside or have to leave the house, bare feet isn’t always the best thing. Pediped footwear is designed to be the “next best […]