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Fresh Twists On The Baby Countdown: Unique Ideas To Reveal The Little One’s Arrival


There’s a baby on the way, and you can almost feel the buzz of excitement in the air. Friends and family are eager to know: will it be a boy or a girl? In the middle of all the planning, it’s vital to bring a sense of wonder and joy to the occasion — that’s where a bit of creativity comes in handy with a Gender Reveal that keeps everyone guessing until the big moment.

Bringing a Personal Touch to Tradition

The anticipation of a new addition to the family is a story worth telling, and what better way to express it than through a personalized gender reveal? Instead of opting for the standard balloon pop or confetti cannon, why not take it up a notch? Imagine unwrapping a mystery gift, or pulling a string to cascade a shower of colored handkerchiefs that whisper the secret. Taking cues from your own tales, perhaps a mini scavenger hunt that leads to an heirloom filled with colored trinkets to signify the baby’s gender. The key is to infuse your unique narrative into the event, making it not just a reveal, but a chapter in your family’s ongoing story.

Setting The Stage For an ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ Filled Day

Every snapshot of the day will tell a piece of your story, so creating a picturesque environment is crucial. Go past the usual pink and blue and select hues that resonate with you, maybe a peaceful lavender or a joyful coral. Use these colors to drape your space in ribbons, fabric, or themed decorations that feel like a page out of a storybook. For DIY enthusiasts, crafting a backdrop from old book pages or family photos could add a wonderful touch of intimacy and charm.


And when it comes to capturing the burst of joy as the reveal unfolds, enlist a friend with a keen eye or hire a photographer who can catch those candid, priceless expressions.

Earth-Friendly Festivities For Tomorrow’s World

As we celebrate new beginnings, it’s a moment to ponder not just the world our child will enter, but the legacy we leave behind. Balloons and confetti are jubilant, but consider their alternatives to keep your reveal gentle on the earth. Plantable confetti, sprinkled with wildflower seeds, not only announces ‘boy or girl’, but also blooms into a beautiful reminder of the day. For party favors, edibles like cookies iced in mystery colors provide sweet sustenance with no waste. Encouraging guests to think green can be a part of the event as well. A small note or sign explaining your eco-conscious choices can spark inspiration for more sustainable celebration ideas.

Make it a Game Everyone Will Remember

The best parties have an element of interactivity — something that gets guests laughing, moving, and making memories. Start with playful icebreakers, like pinning a name tag with a baby-related word or playing guessing games to predict the baby’s future talents. For the reveal itself, create a game that takes center stage, maybe a customized board game where each square is inches closer to the reveal. And don’t forget the tiniest attendees — setting up a craft corner or treasure hunt ensures children feel part of the excitement, making it a joyous day for the young and young-at-heart alike.


From that gender reveal tucked within a story to a sustainable, eco-friendly bash, a baby’s grand entrance to the world deserves a celebration rich in thoughtfulness and love. As each excited guess and heartbeat builds to the crescendo of ‘boy or girl,’ these ideas not only share the joyful news but weave it into the tapestry of family and friendship that will cradle the little one in their new journey. Ready, set, reveal.

How to Choose the Perfect Gifts to Put On Your Baby Registry

When you’re expecting a baby, you know there are many areas of the journey to come that will be out of your hands. Life gets a lot crazier and less controllable when you have a child. As every parent knows, you’ll have to learn to accept the uncertainty and enjoy the ride with a loosened grip on your plans. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be well-prepared.

As much as you can never really know what’s to come, there are certain aspects of raising a baby that you can expect and be ready for. You, the parent-to-be, are in control of your baby registry list as you select the items you want by your side when you raise your child. With all the diverse options of baby items, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Going through life with a baby is a 24/7 commitment, but it can be tricky to think of all the items you’ll soon need. Yet, once you’re in the thick of raising your baby, you’ll be grateful to have them on hand.

We’ve created a guide to the gifts you should include on your baby registry, so you don’t forget anything important. You can use it to be as prepared as possible for the next steps of life. Keep reading to create your perfect baby registry!

Consider Essentials for Baby

There are degrees of importance when it comes to the gifts on your baby registry; the items you need immediately are a higher priority than, say, baby toothbrushes and baby toys. Items like a bassinet, diapers, wipes, a breast pump, and swaddles are going to be in use as soon as you bring your little one home. Be sure not to leave any essentials off your list and have your must-have items stocked and ready to go before you meet Baby.

Separate Your Items Into Categories

In order to accurately think ahead and stay on top of what you’ll need down the road, consider the different aspects of caring for a baby and group essentials into each section. For example, you’ll have nursing time, feeding time, bath time, playtime, sleep time, change time, etc.

Untitled design(45)

As you imagine the items, you’ll need for each of these moments, add them to your list. This is one of the most effective ways to ensure you don’t miss essential items, and it helps get you in the mindset of your new routine.

Plan for Outings

For the first few weeks, you’ll probably only want to stay inside in a baby-momma cocoon of snuggles and quality time, but eventually, you’ll want to get out and start showing your little one the world. You should include items on your baby registry that will prepare you for your outings. Don’t forget to register for a stroller, diaper bag, car seat, changing pad, and of course, trendy baby clothes! Depending on the season, you may also want to add warm clothes like mittens, hats, and booties. Getting out with a new baby can be daunting, but as long as you’re prepared, showing your baby new places is an exciting part of being a parent.

Remember That Babies Go Through Many Stages

Although you’re looking forward to bringing your newborn home and dressing them in itty-bitty onesies and getting all the snuggles, remember that babies grow fast! They’ll always be your little infant, but soon they will outgrow the newborn sizes, and you’ll want to put them to sleep in a crib (so you can also get some sleep). There are lots of other items you’ll want to have ready for those months down the road, too, such as a high chair, pacifiers, bottles, a baby bouncer, playtime toys, and a hairbrush.

Untitled design(46)

Remember to include items on your registry for all stages of your baby’s growth, so the process of watching them develop is a smooth one.

Consider Essentials for Mom

Don’t forget about you, the parent, when you’re creating your baby registry list. Consider all the things that will make your life easier (as well as the items you can’t go without), from nursing bras, nursing pads, and a noise machine (it’s for your baby, but also for your sleep) to a cleaning service and streaming subscription. Anyone who sees these items on your registry will recognize their genius of them, so don’t feel bad about prioritizing your own wellness.

Getting ready to care for a new baby is one of the most exciting times in a parent’s life, but it does come with its ample share of preparation. Your baby registry list will be your best friend as you consider the items you won’t be able to live without once you have a newborn. You can use this guide to help you choose the perfect gifts to include on your registry to make your time with your infant the most special!

Steps to Hosting the Perfect Virtual Baby Shower

Despite the regular quarantines and social distancing, you don’t have to give up your dream baby shower! With a virtual get together, throwing a baby shower is both less expensive, and more convenient than ever. 

Here is how you can include all of your loved ones in your family’s next chapter while staying totally safe.

Pick Your Theme

Your very first step should be to decide on a theme for your party theme! Okay, this step isn’t 100% necessary, but I find that it helps streamline the decision making process when it comes to the details of your virtual shindig. It can be as simple as a color scheme (pink and blue literally can’t miss) or an animal theme (lions, tiger, and bears, anyone?) or something as involved and complicated  as your heart desires (not me and my Hogwarts baby shower vision board). If you really want to make this baby shower your own, you have to begin with the end in mind.  

If you are throwing a baby shower for someone else, it is also crucial to honor the mother-to-be and think of her every step of the way. Be sure to plan the event that she can enjoy and her family members will always remember.  

Choose your Platform

It can be a little overwhelming to choose which platform to host your video call on, and because we live in the future, new options keep popping up every few months, but don’t be intimidated! Each platform has its pros and cons, but the most popular by far is Zoom. You can host up to 300 people and it is easily accessible on mobile as well as on desktop. It is also very intuitive, so your technologically challenged grandmas and great aunts can join the party! Some other options are Google Hangout, Facebook, and Skype.  

Send out Invitations

Now’s the time to spread the word! You’re going to need a virtual invite for your virtual party, of course. Design invitations for all your guests including the link to your party as well as the date and time. If you need inspiration, has a library of absolutely precious baby shower invite templates, which are all completely customizable.

You can even fit in a QR code to the invite that will take guests directly to your virtual party page. 

Set up an Online Registry

If you are planning a gift opening portion of your party , you will have to set up your registry early enough so that your guests can take their time sending you the perfect present. There are plenty of websites like and that specialize in baby shower registries. Most stores like Target, Walmart, and Amazon can also help you set up your online registry very easily.  

Don’t forget to check out the perks each service offers! Babylist offers a 15% registry discount, while Target offers a similar discount plus a welcome kit and free returns for a year. Make sure to choose a service with the gifts and the perks the new parents will get the most out of.

Party Games

VIrtual party games come in two types: games you can facilitate through your video call, or online games. If you and your guests are familiar with online gaming, you can easily get everyone together on Discord to play whatever games you like.    

For a mixed crowd, Jackbox Games offers party packs and bundles of various online games.  The best part is that their online games are designed for parties, so they work with large groups, and first time players can easily jump right in on their computers or mobile devices without having to create an account.  

If you don’t want to mess around with online games, you can run games through your video call. Nothing is worse than spending precious party time troubleshooting and if your guests don’t like online games, then you simply have to meet them where they are at. Playing games like baby themed trivia, pictionary, or the price is right through your video call will take a little longer to plan, but if you have less tech savvy party guests, these are foolproof.  

Virtual Nursery Tour

Here is where you can make the most of staying at home. Take this opportunity to show off your nursery! To make this its own event, be sure to feature any gifts from your guests, family photos, or anything in your nursery that makes you smile.

Wrapping up

While the pandemic may have thrown off some of your plans, you can still have your dream baby shower. With a virtual get-together, you can be sure to bring your loved ones together to prepare to welcome the newest addition to your family. 

How to Keep Your Baby’s Pacifier Safe and Sterilized

We’re all concerned with how to keep ourselves healthy, even with our busy lifestyles. And the health of our little ones is an even greater treasure.

But there’s one aspect that is easy to overlook: your infant’s pacifier.

It’s such an omnipresent part of your day-to-day life that you may give it little more thought than your car keys or your smartphone. But bacteria, mold spores, and other pathogens can easily contaminate an unattended binky. Knowing to clean, sanitize, and how to store pacifiers safely can mean the difference between a happy child and an ill one. For instance, we found dummy clips particularly useful, preventing the pacifier from falling on the floor and picking up dirt in the first place.

So to help keep your little ones healthy and happy, be sure to always follow these key points.

How to Clean and Sterilize Pacifiers

Knowing how to clean pacifiers will often depend on what materials they’re made of. If, for example, you can be certain that your pacifiers don’t contain heavy metals or carcinogens that could leech out of them, boiling them for a minute or two is a quick and easy way to ensure that they’re completely cleaned and sterilized every time. By the same token, running them through the dishwasher is another popular method if that material permits it.

Barring that, washing them with hot water and simple dish soap is considered adequate for most situations.

How to Store Pacifiers

Having cleaned and sanitized them, the final step is finding the best way to store pacifiers. After all, leaving them lying out in the open air invites all manner of ambient contaminants to make them their new home.

You want them in a place with easy access where you’re unlikely to forget about them. Hence, many parents will opt to keep spare pacifiers in their diaper bags with the rest of their daily supplies.

It’s convenient, but keeping loose pacifiers in a diaper bag is less-than-ideal. They could be exposed to baby wipes or other cleaning materials that, at best, will make for an unpleasant surprise the next time you hand it to a fussy child. And at worst, they may contain harmful ingredients that were never intended for consumption.

So whether you need to store pacifiers at home or on the go, keeping a dedicated container like a multicolor pacifier case is a good move. Aside from keeping clean pacifiers clean until they’re needed, color-coding can help you keep track of which ones are fresh and which ones need to be cleaned before their next use.

Health and Safety for the Whole Family

A pacifier is an essential item for any parent with a fussy child. But knowing how to store pacifiers as well as clean and sterilize them is essential to ensuring that they are kept safe for daily use.

But naturally, pacifiers are just one tool that you and your infant rely on almost every day. To help make sure that you and your baby are always healthy, happy, and safe, be sure to keep up with all our latest health and home guides.


Fun activities and gifts for a baby shower

Is your best friend just about to have a baby, and you want to throw her the absolute best baby shower possible but need a bit of inspiration? Is it “baby season”, and you need to find gifts for all of the baby showers you will be attending soon? Are you hosting a party of your own and want to make sure it’s an evening for all your guests to remember?

If you are looking to buy a present for your child or grandchild, need help with the holiday shopping list, or want something special for yourself as an adult that will bring back childhood memories, here at SenseOrient is a guide on how to find a toy store near me which would offer a variety of fun, interactive experiences for you and your kids.

Having a baby is a big adventure and a completely life-changing event. Celebrating this soon-to-be momentous occasion with a baby shower is a great way to gather friends and family for a bit of good old-fashioned fun. Everyone knows what a baby shower is, and every soon-to-be mother wants to spend this time just having a good fun time with their girls.

It can be quite stressful to choose the right gift when going to a baby shower. You don’t want to spend too little and come off as a cheapskate, and you don’t want to spend too much and make it seem like overkill. Likewise, as a hostess, you want to make sure your party is a hit. Luckily, there are some great new products on the market these days. Party supply companies such as Cotier Brand have brought some fresh ideas to the table with their unique and fun baby shower activities and games. So, if you are having trouble choosing the perfect gift for the next baby shower you attend or looking for something as the hostess to inject some fun into the party, here is some inspiration. 

Games and Activities


Did Baby Poopie?

Described as the only baby shower game where finding poop is fun, Did baby poopie? is a hilarious and fun scratch-off lottery game and is the perfect solution for games where a winner is chosen randomly. Think diaper raffles and door prizes, basically any game where you need to pick a winner out of a hat. To play the game it’s super simple; guests scratch their lottery tickets designed to look like a baby’s diaper. The ticket that reveals the poop emoji under the diaper wins whatever prize has been chosen for the activity. The game is a breeze to play and a quick way to break the ice and move on to the next activity. 

Mom-osa Bar

Sharing a few cocktails with your best friends at a baby shower is always going to be fun. Not only is it a good laugh, but it also doubles as a perfect ice-breaker and adds an element of elegance to the occasion. One of the simplest but tastiest cocktails is the classic mimosa. Of course, you will need sparkling wine and orange juice, but why stop there? Get a quality mimosa bar kit and see how beautiful your matching items will look over a table. Cheers!

Because I Said So!

For this game, you will need pens and paper for all of the guests and a bowl to collect all of the papers. The idea behind this game is to ask all your guests to write down a piece of parenting advice or a saying that their parents would have told them and then put them in the bowl. Once they are all mixed up, everyone can take turns guessing whose parent said what and who gave what piece of advice. This is a fun way to get to know who you are with, but also get to have fun seeing who knows who the best. 

Conversation Starter Napkins

Sometimes when it comes to get-togethers, it can take a while to get the ball rolling and the fun started. Ice breakers are essential, particularly when you are bringing some of your guests together for the first time

A great way to go about breaking that ice is through conversation starters like Convokins. They are a super simple yet effortless way to build authentic connections with your guests. Everyone gets to know each other by sharing and digging into the conversation prompts printed on the disposable napkins. This activity is not so much a game as it is a way to bring people together while avoiding any potentially awkward or embarrassing moments for the guests. The prompts are playful but polite and unobtrusive. Ultimately they are designed to bring laughter, humor, and a bit of fun to the conversation. 

Gift Ideas


SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet

When the baby is born, she or he can’t go straight into sleeping in a “big kid” bed. They need to sleep in some kind of cradle or bassinet that you can easily move around and have access to. 

Bassinets can be a bit pricey, and for a new parent to have to buy one, it might be a bit much, which is why it makes the perfect baby shower gift. Although the SNOO smart sleeper bassinet may have quite a hefty price tag attached to it, it is well worth it. Not only is this bassinet super elegant and modern, but it will also rock your baby to sleep for you while playing white noises that are soothing to the ear. It’s a definite must-have.

Baby Solid Sleep Bag

In the last few years, something that has become popular as a replacement to swaddling your baby is a kind of sleep sack or sleep bag. Swaddling is an essential part of keeping your baby happy and comfortable while they sleep, and this baby solid sleep bag is the perfect item to take away all the fuss and make putting your baby to sleep.

This Baby Solid Sleep bag is one of the best sleep sacks and it just like wearing a sleeping bag. It will definitely keep your baby warm all night long. 

Frida Mom Hospital Kit

When it comes to having a baby, being too prepared is not a phrase that exists. Many mothers would really appreciate help when it comes to packing for themselves when they go to the hospital. The Frida Mom Hospital Kit is the perfect gift for any soon-to-be mother and has just about every post-partum product that a mother might forget to pack for themselves. 

The best way to wrap up is by reminding you that a baby shower is a time for celebration. Whether you’re the one hosting or attending, make sure to be present and enjoy yourself! Hopefully, these ideas have helped give some direction on what type of activities and gifts might work for you on the day itself. Happy planning with your friends!

How to Overcome these 6 Challenges of Planning a Child’s Birthday Party

For 364 days out of the year, your child looks forward to their next birthday. And for most children, this means hosting a birthday party. As a parent, the pressure of hosting a fun party with all of your child’s friends can be too much to bear. But it doesn’t have to be as challenging as many make it out to be.

Party planning

Personalized birthday party favors ideas


Think back to your most memorable birthday parties as a kid. They probably consisted of playing in the backyard, cutting cake, and opening up a couple of cool toys from your friends. Now fast forward to 2019 and a five-year-old’s birthday party resembles a royal celebration. There are extravagant invitations, hundreds of dollars in decorations, buffet tables lining the walls, professional entertainers, and gifts galore. But who says you have to go through all of this trouble to throw a party for your child?

Stop with the unnecessary complications. Here are some simple suggestions to common challenges every parent encounters when planning a birthday party. Follow the advice and the experience will be a breeze.


If you aren’t careful, a birthday party can spiral out of control. That’s why it’s important to set a realistic budget up front. Whether it’s $100 or $1,000, knowing how much you have to spend will allow you to make smarter decisions.


Choosing the appropriate decorating is a significant challenge after defining the budget. The best option for a themed party would be costumed decorations and lights. When combined with other decorations, a lightning storm can create a truly magical scene. Balloons and inflatables are essential components of any classic decoration. If you choose to go deep with decorations, you may choose made-to-order inflatables that can make your event so special, as they can be custom shaped and designed to match any theme that you choose and they can serve as a great backdrop option and add the wow factor to your party.


Scheduling is very important. Think about how busy your own schedule is – particularly if you have multiple kids. Now consider all of the kids and families you’re inviting to your child’s birthday party. Trying to coordinate all of these schedules last minute is impossible.

Make sure you pick a party date at least four to six weeks ahead of time. And instead of choosing a Saturday morning where there are soccer games, activities, and other birthday parties, try something after school or on a Sunday afternoon. You’ll probably get a higher number of RSVPs.

Guest List

The guest list is an important part of the party planning process. Here are some things to think about:

  • Not everyone you invite will show up to the party. If your maximum limit for guests is 15, you can safely invite 18-20 kids. 
  • Every additional guest costs more money. You may be able to do more with a smaller guest list. 
  • Ask your child who they want to invite, but be wary of only inviting some of your child’s classmates. 

To save money, send out email invites. It’s cheaper and you’ll get a better response with RSVPs.

But if you want more personalized invitations, opt for affordable ready-made birthday invitations that go with the party theme. With ready-made invitations, it will be quick and easy for you and your little one to handwrite their birthday invites. There are lots of options to choose from that won’t stretch your budget, but before doing all of this, it would be a good idea to do a people search of the parents if you haven’t met them already.


Worried that you’ll spend the entire party running around managing all of the details? If you host your own party at your house, you might miss some of the special moments that are supposed to be memorable. Don’t let this be you.

Spend the money and host a party at a birthday party venue. Take Sky Zone indoor trampoline park as an example. When you host a Sky Zone party, you get everything you need – including a dedicated party pro to handle all of the details of the day. You get to sit back and soak up the memories. Plenty of other venues have similar setups.

You can check out places like this one in avondale which provides all kinds of entertainment for kids.

Food and Beverages

When it comes to food and drink, keep it simple. Kids are picky – so this isn’t the time to try out a new casserole or fancy dish. Pizza, chicken fingers, fruit, juice boxes, and water are all safe bets.

If you’re trying to save money, make your own food. If you’re trying to save time, buy platters from somewhere like Costco. Above all else, make it easy on yourself! You don’t want to be slaving away in the kitchen while the party is going on.

Goody Bags

Goody bags are always a hit. No need to go overboard, though. A few dollar-store items and tchotchkes are fine. (Remember to make a few extra bags for siblings and guests who forgot to RSVP.)

Make Fun the Focus

When was the last time your child asked for an itemized invoice with supporting receipts to see how much you spent on his party? Never, right?

Children don’t care how much a party cost. They care about having fun. If you make fun the focus of your party planning, you’ll spend less time worrying about how much you’re spending and what other parents will think of the party. Sometimes a simple approach is best. 

4 Ways to Incorporate Both Sides of the Family For an Extra Special Baby Shower

baby gift

Organizing a family event can be chaotic, fun and exciting. Not only do you get busy choosing what food to serve and setting up the theme of the party but you get to be excited about the thought of seeing the faces of your loved ones. But what happens when you are in the midst of a party held for both sides of your family? It can be intimidating when you are up against a happy event where your side of the family meets your spouse’s family. Everyone will be excited and should be involved.

Whether it’s a baby shower or a sip and see gender reveal party, when you plan to incorporate both sides of the family in the same venue it means certified joy, chaos, and fun. It will be a joyous occasion because you are celebrating the coming or the presence of the newest member of the family. It can be chaotic because a lot of things can happen simultaneously. It’s for sure going to be fun because it is a big get together. To help you out on this endeavor, here are some ways to make sure incorporating families for a baby party is a piece of cake.

Have a family meeting to plan it

The most basic thing to start off with a baby shower or sip and see reveal party is by organizing a family meeting. Create a checklist of the things to eat and do on that special day. Be sure to get input from both sides of the family. Set up a date that is convenient for everyone.

Assign duties

Now it is time to distribute family duties. I’m pretty sure the doting uncles and aunties will be ready to be involved and that is something you can take advantage of. You can assign duties for them to help with. Give one the responsibility in the kitchen, so for what and how much to serve guests. Another one should focus on the decoration, it should be pleasing for both families and appropriate for a baby party. One should think about the kind of games that would be played and will surely make the occasion more fun. Another person’s job should be to make a guest list and send out invitations.

Get baby pictures for both parents

Both sides of the family will excitedly wonder who the baby will look more like, the parents will have their own claim and even grandparents. Setup baby pictures for both parents and create a game where the attendees will vote where the baby’s looks come from. Announce the winner in the birth announcement you send out.

Have each family member write a letter for the baby to open on their 18th birthday

On a more sentimental side, have every attendee write a letter addressed to the 18-year-old version of the baby. It can be anything from their best wishes, their aspiration for the child, their promise, or even their hopes and dreams for him or her. Ask if there is anyone willing to read out his or her letter for the baby, just to make the atmosphere more special. Afterwards, have all the letters kept in a sealed box, because 18 years is a long time. It sure is a sentimental, tearful and meaningful gift for the newest family member.

Sustainable Cashmere Fashion | Giveaway WSRW Blog Party

An outfit needs the right finishing touch. This could be jewelry, shoes or in my case a scarf. I’ve been collecting scarves for years and love the added warmth, touch of color or polished look they give. I have a collection different materials and colors for every season.
NEPALI by TDM Design works directly with predominantly women cottage industries in Nepal to the support women weavers and craftsmanship. Each accessory is hand-made using the highest quality fibers in order to ensure the ultimate in splendor of each piece, and pride in workmanship. NEPALI by TDM Design accessories are made from natural materials such as silk, cashmere, bamboo, modal and wool and eco-friendly azo-free dyes. All accessories are eco-conscious, socially responsible and stylish at the same time.

This Cashmere Fishnet handwoven scarf is perfect for spring. It’s large enough to be worn as a shawl or warp but lightweight enough to be used as a scarf for cool nights this season. My Avocado shade is a great contrast to a black tee and jeans or dressed up with a peep-toe pump and earrings.


A LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! reader is going to win this Cashmere Fishnet Scarf in Avocado. Visit Nepali by TDM Design and choose another scarf that would be a good fit with your wardrobe.

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Baby Shower Gift #10 Kushies Nursing Pillow and Canopy

As parents we need to provide certain things for our children; a safe environment, healthy nutrition and unconditional love. That doesn’t mean we can’t do them in style and comfort.

Kushies provides an extensive selection of baby gear, apparel, bath toys, cloth diapering accessories and more. Using its original product, Kooshies cloth diaper, as a platform Kushies has transformed its product line and brand name into something that can be trusted by parents all around the world. Using state of the art equipment, meticulous quality standards and a large trained staff Kushies is able to continue their high standards and gain popularity.

The original Kooshies has changed over the years and now there are several styles available including; toddler sized fitteds, waterproof diaper wraps, swim diapers and biodegradable liners. Kushies has broadened their line to include sheets made from 100% premium quality certified organic cotton. Kushies also has Newborn Layette covered with bodysuits, sleepwear, hats and bibs. Their newborn taffeta bib is reusable as it cleans up quickly by simply wiping up spills and drool.
Kushies also has a complete line of nursing accessories. Specially designed burp pads are incredibly soft but absorbant. The premium quality, 100% cotton flannel nursing canopy is ideal for discreet nursing. With a bias trim for durability, the nursing canopy also features an adjustable neckline with 3 snaps for an optimum fit to allow mom & baby to maintain eye contact. A must have for the nursing mom! Kushie’s nursing pillow features a contoured shape to fit around mom and dad’s waist while the firm foam provides support without sinking during feeding. Helps to relieve back and shoulder stress while nursing. Also made with a premium quality 100% cotton flannel cover is easily removed for machine washing. All the nursing products come in an assortment of colors to work with each gender or to keep neutral for that surprise baby.

Kushies offers one stop shopping for baby essentials including blankets, bibs, diapers and more that will be great for every family. They also have rain gear, layette and award-winning toys. Shop today and use discount code lookmom10 for 10% of your purchase.
Kushies is giving LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! readers the chance to win a Nursing Pillow (valued $25) and a Nursing Canopy (value $7) in your choice of colors to use for yourselves or to give as a perfect baby shower gift. Visit Kushies to check out the HUGE selection of baby and kid stuff and tell me something else you would love to have.

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