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Baby Shower Gift #2 The Bomb Mom

One day a guy was watching his beautiful wife tend to his precious children and the phrase came to him… The Bomb Mom. For awhile he wasn’t sure what to do with it but eventually he realized it was a clothing line… a series of statement tees for all the beautiful (inside out) women who […]

Baby Shower Gift #1 Storkie Express

One of the biggest duties I have as the sister of a pregnant chick is planning the shower. I’m excited to do this for her and have been working out the details, date, location and food for months. The time is quickly approaching to start sending out invitations. I know store bought, hand-filled out generic […]

Baby Shower Blog Party

I’m changing the date of the Baby Shower Blog Party. It is going to start Monday, July 27th instead. I added more prizes at the last minute so this will last 2 weeks (no weekends). It’s Blog Party time again. This time it’s in special honor of my sister and sister-in-law who are both pregnant […]