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Baby Shower Gift #9 Swaddle Blanket

As a new parent you need to know a lot of things; how to pack a diaperbag, how to install the carseat, how to work the cabinet child locks. These are all important but one of the most important things is how to get your child to sleep well. One trick that worked with all of my kids is swaddling. There are all sorts of tricks and techniques and tools parents and caregivers use but Swaddling is a long used practice that can be traced back to 4000 B.C.

Loving Baby Inc. offers one of these tools called a Swaddle Blanket. Their design is a bit different than the one I’ve used in the past. First, the Swaddle Blanket doesn’t have a Velcro fastener. Have you tried undoing Velcro around a sleeping baby, not the best idea. Also the Swaddle Blanket is made from 100% flannel cotton, offering a breathable material around their body with 4 layers of brushed cotton against baby’s back soft comfy surface for baby to lay on. The fit structure will also allow you to swaddle your baby longer with the same blanket, no need to size up.

There are many benefits to swaddling
• Eases the transition from mother’s womb to baby’s new world
• Improves baby’s physical and emotional well-being- baby is happier!
• Helps to regulate newborn’s temperature until internal thermostat develops
• Keeps baby from awakening from natural startle response
• Reduces symptoms of colic (secure fit helps baby sleep longer and cry less)
• Promotes safety awareness regarding Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)-parents put baby to sleep on the back
• Promotes feelings of calm and relaxation, increasing the quality of sleep for both parent(s) and baby
• Impacts quality of life by providing a soothing, secure, comfortable and cozy environment

The Swaddle Blanket was designed by parents who lacked a solution to calm their crying newborn. They tried to swaddle with receiving blankets but couldn’t get a snug fit. With 5 years of research, testing, mock-ups and trial runs the Swaddle Blanket was finally born and has been receiving awards and accolades and positive feedback. Their distressing experience with baby Sophia prompted them to think of the other parents going through the same situation and finding a solution. The Loving Baby™ Swaddle Blanket has been made with love and a focus on providing overall physical and emotional well-being for babies, who are our most precious gifts.

Loving Baby Inc. also offers a comprehensive list of support sites and research to help parents and caregivers through difficult times like SIDS, medical issues, maternity shopping and newborn care.

LookWhatMomFound and Dad too! readers are getting the chance to win their own Loving Baby™ Swaddle Blanket, valued at $27. Visit Loving Baby Inc to find out more about swaddling and also the other cool products they carry. Tell me something else you think is a must have for parents.

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