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IZEAFest 2009 here we come thanks to BenSpark.com

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As many of you know and are probably tired of hearing, we are trying to go to IZEAFest 2009.

IZEAFest is an interactive event designed to educate, inform and connect social media enthusiasts. Meet the world’s foremost social media experts in a collaborative, fun and open setting. Learn how to grow your traffic, build your brand and make more money online. It’s being held in Orlando, FL, October 1-4. As of today it’s only 50someodd days away, that’s not a lot of time especially when we are trying to line up sponsors to help us financially to get both Rob and I there. I mean while it would probably be fine for just one of us to go it would be SOOOOOO much fun for us both to go since we both contribute so much to the site.

BenSpark is running a contest for some tickets (and cool prizes). He went to IZEAFest last year so it makes sense that he would have some good knowledge about the ins and outs and tips and tricks to make the event that more enjoyable. He lists the Top 10 Reason To Go To IZEAFest 2009. I agree with all of his reasons but I have to add my own, FUN. I totally get the education and networking side of it and those are the main reasons we want to go but if I thought it was going to be a dull, stuffed shirt, clock-watching conference I wouldn’t have given it a second thought. We want to meet other bloggers, especially the friends we’ve made over the last few months plus the bloggers we don’t yet know we love. We want to network with Marketers and PR reps to establish relationships that will later bring cool content to our site and traffic to theirs. While we didn’t get into blogging to get rich, a few bucks here and there would be pretty sweet too, so some education on money-making will be good for us.
Another thing BenSpark talks about is 10 Essential Items For IZEAFest 2009. He’s got some great items on his list, lots of things that make sense, camera, mini-video camera, business cards, etc. We couldn’t think about going without our BlackBerries! We can tweet, check ESPN (it will be football season), blog, email, update Facebook, text, take pics, take video, update the Cozi grocery list and do math all on the same device. That’s my addition to Ben Sparks handy dandy must-have list.
We want to thank BenSpark for hosting a cool giveaway with very cool entries. Hope to see you there!

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  1. BenSpark says

    Hey Guys!

    Great post and thanks so much for the entries into the contest. You certainly are enthusiastic about going to IZEAFest, hope to meet you there.

  2. Buck Rogers says

    Good jobs, hopefully i will win either main prize or at least a runner up and see you there. so why did you get Blackberries vs iPhones? Thinking of getting a phone for the IzeaFest

  3. Angie Marion says

    Congrats!!! Have fun!

  4. Betty N says

    I hope you both get to go and learn and enjoy the event. It sounds like it will be great and I am sure you will have much to share with all of us

  5. Jennifer says

    I hope you have a great time and learn a lot. It will be great to hear about your adventure!

  6. Jennifer Leigh says

    Congrats! So jealous! Hopefully we'll all make it too blogher!

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