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World Through The Eyes Of A Teenager

The age of changing hormones and mood swings. The confusing time of the person, who is no longer a kid, but is not even a mature adult. In the years of the teen, the kid is never sure of what to do. Parents become the enemies who deny all freedoms. And the mirror becomes their […]

Fabulous Ice Age #NetFlixKids

The Pairs Ice Dancing Competition is my favorite event in the Olympics. I find the chemistry between the couples beautiful and I am always blown away by the amazing jumps and lifts that they are able to perform all while sliding around on thin blades across ice. The way that the two can travel side […]

You’re Not Fooling Anyone

I think we all know a man like this. He’s an older man who still believes that he is cool with the kids. Maybe he wears cargo shorts with a braided belt and sandals in the summer time. He might enjoy a hobby like bird watching or collecting novelty ties. Men like this are everywhere. […]

Our Place, a place for teens App review

Our Place is an app created by Louise Palanker that gives tweens and teens a place to talk and post about issues in their lives that they may be uncomfortable discussing with parents or even friends. I’ve spent the last few weeks browsing and exploring all of the interesting chat rooms that the app has […]

Emergency Preparedness with The Hunt

Today my family and I completed the challenges for Day 8 of DoSomething.org‘s, The Hunt. The challenges today focused on Disaster Response and Relief and was one of the simplest and most important days in the campaign. Many people are not prepared for a disaster and would be stuck without the most basic supplies should […]

11 Days of Doing Something, The Hunt

Poverty and hunger has been my active cause for about two years. I frequently volunteer at the Food Bank of Delaware and I love it. It is a great feeling to know that you have provided someone with a meal that they would have gone without otherwise. Those who run the Food Bank strive to […]

DoSomething.org The Hunt for Social Good

“The Hunt: 11 Days of Doing” is a campaign started by DoSomething.org to spread the word about multiple issues that affect the world around us. “The Hunt” asks you to do different challenges everyday for eleven days, each one dealing with a different cause. This campaign strives to get people thinking, talking and doing something […]

Let’s Talk About Sex Education, or the Lack of it.

For the last few months I’ve been doing an outrageous amount of research for my bill for Youth in Government. I had to figure out what I wanted to change about the State of Delaware and try to create a law about it. While I was thinking about a topic I kept coming back to […]

Inappropriate influences

I feel like I am influenced by everything around me. Things like television and music probably affect me the most. However it seems like it’s just influencing me to hate them. I can’t stand 95% of the music on the radio and I feel a special kind of hatred towards artists like Katy Perry and […]

Internet or Television

My friends and I were talking earlier this week about whether we would rather give up television or the internet and almost all of us chose to give up TV. It could just be my generation but I use the internet for entertainment far more often than television. The internet is the place where I […]