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Guide to the Ultimate Family Road Trip to Tuscany

Family Road trip

Tuscany along Italia’s west coast is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. From renaissance art in Florence to the rolling hills, castles and vineyards around the region, Tuscany epitomises the word beauty. You can find a range of rental villas in Tuscany in a rural paradise to five-star hotels in the historical centre of Florence. Everything a tourist needs from history, culture and landscapes is in this part of Italy. But what about parents who are travelling with kids?

Tuscany with Kids

It all sounds well and good for a perfect holiday for adults. Though, travelling here with children may seem a little more challenging. Luckily, Tuscany is a child-friendly region and thousands, if not millions, of families visit each year.

The region is diverse. There’s diversity in the landscapes, activities and the destinations. One day you could be on the beach or exploring Elba Island; the next could be inside one of Florence’s many interactive museums. Families have the chance to teach their children about European history in a fun and engaging way. Or just give the little ones a camera as you drive through the undulating countryside visiting the small towns and villages along the way.

The Best Places to Visit with Kids

Any trip to Tuscany should involve spending at least a few nights in the region’s capital: Florence. History oozes out of the Renaissance façades lining the streets with world-class restaurants serving all types of Italian and international cuisines. Small squares, fountains and churches are just a few more of the highlights that seem to appear around every corner.

The museums are among the best in Europe. Some are interactive giving the children the chance to learn in a hands-on manner. Others have workshops. If you have school-age children check out the following museums: Palazzo Vecchio, Palazzo Strozzi and the Galileo Museum. Your children will have the chance to learn about European history in a fun and engaging way.

Central Tuscany along the coast will also make an ideal spot to bring the little ones. The beaches are endless and on a warm summer’s day create the ideal place to relax and spend a few hours. You can rest and sunbathe while the kids build sandcastles and play. If you have the time, head to Elba Island and visit Livorno’s Aquarium. Teens may appreciate the chance to explore the various branches of the waterways.

Most people around the world know one of Tuscany’s most iconic landmarks, which is the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Why not head to Pisa on a day trip and climb up the tilting building and learn more about its history?Kids will enjoy the chance to pose for hilarious pictures and selfies around one of the world’s most famous buildings.

Planning a Road Trip

There are different ways you can take a road trip around Tuscany. If you’re flying into Italy, you’ll most likely land at Florence Airport. Florence makes a good place to start the journey around the region. Rent a car when you arrive, and you can then explore the area. It’s advisable to spend at least a few days here before heading towards the coast. Depending on where you want to go, it may be better to visit Pisa on a day trip.

One of the best things about Tuscany is that you’re going to be driving through the incredible countryside and will pass through some of Europe’s most beautiful towns. Before you start your trip, take a look at the map and use Google to help find out which ones are the best to visit.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to drive all the time while in Tuscany, why not take the train? You could use public transport to explore the cities and then rent a car to get out into the countryside. Trains connect the larger towns and cities and tend to operate on a regular schedule.

Tips for Kids

I’m sure you know that unless you consider your kids needs it’s going to be a boring holiday for them. Find out what they like to do and ask them to help with the planning. Teens may appreciate having some responsibility in organising daily activities. If you’re flexible, you could even ask them to help plan what destinations you want to visit when you arrive in Tuscany. Buy a guidebook and ask them to tell you where they want to go.

The next idea to keep younger children entertained is to get one of the tourist maps for each destination. Before you go sightseeing, explain to the little ones what each of the sites are and why they’re important. And then, make it into a game. Give them a clipboard and pencil and say they have to circle all the places they see. You can already have a route planned in your head, but the trick is not to announce which attraction you’ve arrived at. This gives them the chance to keep their eyes open and spot the place for themselves. And the bonus here will be how they’re absorbing the surrounding and history while playing your treasure hunt game.

An Action-Packed Road Trip

All the ingredients are now ready to have the perfect family road trip to Tuscany. The region is family-friendly, especially Florence, and the kids will have a range of interactive museums with activities to keep them busy. Ask the teens to help plan and make a treasure map for the younger ones. Follow these suggestions you’re sure to have an action-packed family holiday to Tuscany.