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8 Easy Ways To Burn Calories Without Going To The Gym

As a parent, it can be hard to maintain a gym membership between the cost and the time commitment that it requires. The good news is that burning calories is not as difficult as you might think, and we have put together a list of eight easy ways that you can burn calories without having […]

How to Keep your Kids Occupied During the Summer

We all know that a bored child is a mischievous child. I know this not only because I’m a mother, but I also remember my parents tell myself and my siblings off for causing mischief. When school is out for summer, you’ll often find parents over the globe looking for things that will keep their […]

Transitioning Together – The Importance of Community for the Elderly

Many would know that as human beings, and indeed, as animals, we have a natural desire to identify with others. We are, after all, part of a group of mammals who feel the need to connect and socialise. Identifying with a common group makes us feel wanted, included and gives a means of belonging and […]

10 Common Travel Money Mistakes – and How to Avoid Them

The more frequently you travel, the more likely you are to seek out travel money hacks and ways to save money. However, when looking to save money while traveling, it is important to know the mistakes that can add to the cost of your holiday. Here are 10 common travel money mistakes and how to […]

5 Life Lessons Every Parent Needs to Teach Their Kids

The lessons you give your sons and daughters when they are little kids stays with them for a life time. Train them up from childhood and they will grow up to be strong and confident people. We have heard the saying “child is the father of man” often enough without probably never understanding the depths […]

Yoga for Anxious Kids

Anxiety disorders are fairly common among children. However, if not treated, it could affect the child’s overall confidence and happiness. Yoga has been known to help alleviate anxiety and stress in people. The ancient practice of yoga helps to unite one’s mind, body and spirit. Kids are known to grasp concepts faster than adults, and […]

The Benefits of Counselling for Relationships

Lots of relationships suffer from lying and cheating and it can often make people feel like they are not good enough for their partner. Depending on whether you stay together with the partner who has deceived you or you split up with them, you will likely still feel very strong emotions about what has happened. […]

Memory Foam: Why It Is Best for Pregnant Ladies and How to Buy Them

Eight out of ten people that you come across in the span of a day is burdened with responsibilities in some way or the other. Whether it is at school, work or home, tasks keep piling on top of each other, and before long, managing everything becomes so exhausting that it starts affecting one’s health. […]

The Bodybuilding Benchmark – Raising the Bar For Form and Safety

One thing that bodybuilding hasn’t ever done well is looking after the health and wellbeing of its partakers. You see bodybuilding and “muscle men” competitions, filled with people who are visually strong but physically weak in many ways. Due to the drive of having the most visible muscles, many bodybuilders neglect developing the mobility they […]

How to Talk With and Teach Children about Issues of Safety

Every parent in the world wants his or her child to be happy and safe. Most of the children do live a happy and well-loved lives but the world we live in may sometimes get scary and unsafe for them. The concern of parents even rises after watching on the news the type of crime […]