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How to Avoid New Baby Budgeting Blues

Having a baby might be a wonderful experience, but it’s difficult to ignore the expense that comes hand-in-hand with the pitter patter of tiny feet. Babies need a lot of things that you wouldn’t generally account for in your budget, like formula, new clothes, nursery furniture, and countless diapers. If you’re not careful, you could […]

7 Ideas For Mom’s “Me” Time

Being a mom is a full-time job and can get extremely tiring, especially if you are a new mom. You want to take a break but worry how on earth will your kids and your family function without you. It feels like you are the only thing stopping your house from collapsing. I feel you. […]

5 Parenting Tips That Actually Work Really Well

Parenting can sometimes be a task, let’s be hones, it is a task most of the times. There are wonderful moments sure, but there are so many painful and teary moments. Getting frustrated when children wouldn’t listen is really common. We always look for ways to make our children listen to us, do as we […]

Is Your Parent Ready for In-Home Care?

Taking care of aging parents can be difficult, especially if you aren’t sure what type of care or support they need. If they seem reasonably capable of taking care of themselves, but still struggle with some basic aspects of daily life, you may be too worried to leave them entirely on their own, but too […]

What to Do and Not to Do When Negotiating Debt

Have an ugly stain in your financial past? Around 77 million people have credit reports that show a debt in collections. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the average balance is over $5,000. However, depending on the type of debt one carries, effective negotiating might be enough to help you climb out of the […]

7 Ways Dads Can Help Moms with a Newborn

After she gives birth, the new mother needs help both physically and emotionally. The emotional side means giving her a mental break from the intensive care of the beautiful new baby. The physical side means giving her a break to do things for herself. You want to be the best Dad you can be the […]

5 Fun Activities to do With Your Family This Weekend

Sharing quality time as a family gives you a chance to become a loving family with strong bonds and also share experiences. These experiences make great memories that stay with us all our lives. With busy schedules, it can be difficult to spend time every day with your family, but weekends should be reserved for […]

Dealing With Postpartum Depression

Having a new child is a magical time. You’re happy to add a new addition to the family and you’re ready to do whatever you can to be able to provide. Speaking of which, follow here if you want some cool gift ideas for your baby. With that said, if you feel sad, tired, or […]

Traditional Lice Treatments are Toxic to Children

The temperatures are warming and summer camps are fast approaching for your children. Do you know what else is approaching? Head lice. As we head into warmer weather, the creepy, little blood-suckers love to latch on to any scalp they can reach. It pays to be prepared and know what to do if your child […]

5 Signs that You Love Your City

There are some people who grumble about their city – the traffic, the weather, the cost of living – but there are others who absolutely love their city and aren’t afraid to show it. Are you one of them? Here are five signs that show you love your city and are not afraid of letting […]