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5 Reasons to Read Your Horoscope Daily

Everyone has a horoscope or Zodiac sign based on the position of the sun at the time of the year they were born. However, not everyone knows what it is or believes in it. Horoscopes used to be printed in the daily newspaper, and while many newspapers still honor this practice, few individuals read the […]

Is a Senior Care Home the Right Choice for Your Family?

Choosing to move a loved onto into a senior care home is never an easy decision. Sometimes, there are signs that a move is needed immediately. Other times, there’s a lot of smaller indications that your loved one can use more help and that a senior care facility might be the best decision for them. […]

What to do if Your Child is in a Car Accident

The only thing worse than getting into a car accident yourself is when one of your kids does. One day you’re just going about your business as usual, when your phone rings. You see that it’s your child, answer the phone, and suddenly realize that everything isn’t okay. Your child’s voice sounds shaky, and they […]

Do Smartphones Hurt your Productivity?

There is no doubt that the world has seen some revolutionary changes with the arrival of smartphones. Today majority of the people have smartphones with them and with a world that is advancing so rapidly, surviving without a smartphone, even for a couple of hours seems like a nightmare to the people of today’s generation. […]

Bad Habits to Avoid When Raising Children

Bad habits are bad whether you have children or not. Attempting to be a better person is worthwhile for those raising kids as well as those who are not. With that said, having kids means more pressure in terms of setting a good example. Bad habits displayed in front of children will likely lead them […]

Best Yoga Poses for Your Back

Taking care of your back is one of the most important things you can do for your body. Unfortunately, a lot of people neglect this, especially when they are younger. Time spent slouching, on the computer, or neglecting to exercise, can cause back problems later in life. Studies have shown that yoga is an effective […]

Tips For a Restful Bedtime

If you have kids, the most stressful part of your day may come at the very end. The chaos and stress of bedtime are often only matched by the calm that comes after bedtime when your kids fall asleep. Unfortunately, this pre-sleep craziness can affect your children’s sleep, as their brains seek to recover from […]

Understanding What Anxiety Feels Like

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, over 40 million adults in the United States alone are affected by a mental disorder known as anxiety. People suffering from this disorder are plagued with feelings of fear, panic and anxiousness. Just because we cannot relate to what they feel does not mean that their feelings […]

Parenting in Recovery: Helping Your Children Overcome Trauma

As a parent in recovery from substance abuse, you know that it is an uphill battle. Overcoming addiction isn’t easy. It’s a long process that requires dedication, persistence, and support from medical professionals to achieve lasting sobriety. As you fight to conquer your addiction, you need to realize that your battle has not only affected […]

5 New Years Health Resolutions with a Big Impact

The new year is a natural time to take stock of things and think about making improvements in your life. Health is always a popular area to reflect on, and many of us often feel guilty, or that we can be doing more. Buying a gym membership may feel like a good practical step, but […]