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Healthy Activities to Do as a Family

Family time is something that helps us bond with each other and also helps us learn about each other. If we do not spend time together, then we are just strangers living in the same home, tied down by the titles of our relationships. Actually creating a bond is what makes a family.

With our work and other commitments, we often neglect our family and children. I agree that being responsible is hectic, but what is the point of earning things when the people you are doing it for will miss you the most.

Health is another one of the important aspects that are often neglected. Why not combine it both and do activities together that will help you bond with your family and also help you stay fit.

1. Turn Chores into Games

Teaching kids chores is our duty, it helps them transition into fully functional adults. Knowing how to do things around the house is important for surviving independently. Why not turn doing chores into a game that you can all do together.

Who can fold more clothes fast or who can put the CDs back in the covers fastest, etc. can be the little competitions you hold. Cooking food together is another of the activities that will let you bond and gives you enough workout if you are making something from scratch like making pasta.

2. Host a Dance Party

dance party

Dancing is something that the majority of people enjoy. What better way to have fun while also working out. Dancing is my favorite way to get in a workout. Host a family dance party, put on some music, introduce each other to your favorite tunes, teach each other your signature dance moves.

Dancing together will leave you laughing in stitches and will help you work up quite a bit of sweat. It is one of the best exercises that you can do together as a family.

3. Plan Scavenger Hunts

You can make a day your treasure hunting day. Hide things around your home, your background, or involve your friendly neighbors in it. Give a list of clues to your kids so that they can reach the final treasure of the treasure hunt or give them a list of items to find. Whoever finds the most item wins. 

The competitive nature of the game makes it fun and makes all the participants go scrambling to find things that will help them win. It gives a great workout because everyone is running around for hours on end, and the adrenaline has us pushing forward to win.

Final Thoughts

No matter what activities you choose, the goal should be having fun and spending time together as a family. If you can work in activities that teach the children new things, helps you learn about them, inculcates good habits in them, etc. then that should be a bonus. Spending time together is the key here because no bond was ever formed merely by being born in the same family.


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