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Top Stories for Kids That Have Morals

Stories are undoubtedly one of the best ways of teaching life lessons to your kids, as mentioned by MomJunction. You have the option of teaching all the necessary morals as well as values to your kids with the help of stories without having to look preachy. When it is story time in your home, it is suggested that you choose short stories, which the kids will enjoy while learning important lessons. Given below is a list of the best stories for kids, which have appropriate morals. 


The Boy Who Cried, Wolf

This story is about a shepherd boy who did not find fun in watching over his flock of sheep. To entertain himself, he would keep shouting “Wolf! Wolf!” This would make all the other villagers come running to him to help him and his sheep. When the villagers would come, they would see that there was no wolf. 

However, he encountered a real wolf one day and when he called out for help, not a single villager came to help him. The moral of the story is that when you keep lying, people will stop trusting you and will not believe you even when you keep telling the truth

The Midas touch

This story is about a king who was fascinated with gold and kept wanting more. He also had a pretty daughter whom he loved more than all the riches in the world. One day, the king was offered a boon by Dionysus, who was the God of wine and celebration. The king wished that everything that he would touch would become gold. His wish was granted and the king went around touching everything and making everything gold. 

He was so happy that he went and hugged his daughter and his daughter immediately turned into gold. Then the king realized the mistake that he had made because he wanted his daughter back. The moral of the story is that you should not be greedy because greed can even make the people you love go away. You need to be happy with everything that you already have. 

The Golden Egg

The story is about a farmer who was responsible for having a goose, which laid one golden egg regularly. This golden egg would provide a lot of money to the farmer and his wife and help them with all the basic needs of the day. Suddenly, the farmer became greedy and decided that he wanted all the golden eggs at once and his wife also agreed. 

The farmer decided to open the stomach of the goose. However, when they killed the bird and opened his stomach, they found nothing. This story explains that you should always think before you are taking any action because actions can also have consequences. This is undoubtedly a great story for kids with moral values. 

The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

One day, the town mouse visits his cousin in the country. The country mouse respects his cousin heartily and gives him beans and bacon to eat. Unmoved with the food served, the town mouse brags of the high life in the city and requests that his cousin goes with him. They arrive at the town and go to a lounge area to eat jam and cake, where they are pursued off by two huge dogs and run for their lives.

The Ass, the Fox, and the Lion

Two friends, the ass and the fox, go to a jungle to find food. On their way, they meet a lion. The shrewdness fox guarantees the lion that he can have the ass for dinner yet asks that his life be saved. Together, they stunt the ass to fall into a pit. When the ass was secured, the lion seizes the fox, slaughtering it for its meat and winds up having both.

The Fox and the Crow

A fox sees a crow carrying a bit of cheese to a treetop. It decides to get the cheese for himself. It goes to the tree and starts lauding the crow that it can sing superior to a cuckoo. Hearing this, the crowbars with satisfaction, and attempts to sing. Cheese falls to the ground as it opens its mouth to sing. The fox gets the piece and flees.

The Peacock and the Juno

The peacock was desirous of the songbird and wanted to sing just like the latter. At the point when it attempts to sing, everybody laughs at it. Frustrated, the peacock approaches Roman goddess Juno and requests a voice as wonderful as the nightingales. Juno cannot and tells the peacock that simply like it is presented with beauty, the songbird is given a delightful voice, the falcon, strength, etc. Juno: “Everyone is unique in their own way.”


Some of the moral stories have amazing moral values that can be taught to the kids easily. Therefore, it is suggested that you consider reading out stories to your kids, right before they go to bed. Ensure that you are choosing from any one of the stories that have been mentioned above so that you can teach the best lessons to your children.