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Shaun Hitting The Sled

Here is Shaun (in the red jersey) hitting the sled at football practice on Monday. It’s a little hard to see but this picture takes me back to high school because Shaun is playing the same positions I played. I can remember hitting the sled daily in practice now Shaun is doing the same thing.  

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Shaun In Action

This is Shaun in action at this past Sunday’s scrimmage.  I am such a happy dad!

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It’s All in the Eyes #WordfulWednesday

I love my children’s eyes.  They are very different from each other but each unique and beautiful.  I love seeing them peeking through. We don’t do Wordless Wednesday or Wordful Wednesday often but I knew I wanted to share this.

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4 years ago #WW

This picture was taken 5/4/08. Shae isn’t even a year old and already a chubby lil thing.
baby shae, baby looking at flowers

Check Out Her ‘Stash

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Not Sure Rocky Wants to Spoon – Wordless Wednesday

This is Coco and Rocky last night at bed time.  Coco took up so much of the crate Rocky had no choice but to spoon Coco. LOL

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All I Needed Was a Bath #WW

Here we go again. Only last week we showed off our new dog Rocky but we are back this week to show you our new new dog Coco (not really a boy’s name). He’s a rescue, about 4 years old and very very playful. When I picked him up he smelled horrible and was matted down. It’s amazing what a bath and haircut will do for a dog’s appearance and personality.

matted dog, max
shaggy dog, dog needs a bath
dog after a bath and haircut, all cleaned up

Wordless Wednesday – Here’s Rocky

This is the newest member of our family and his name is Rocky.  He is a 3 year old toy poodle.  Sabreena and I drove 1.5 – 2 hours this past Saturday to pick him up and we are in love.  I was warned by the owner that he is scared of men (not sure what the previous owner did to him) but I am trying everything I can to make him feel comfortable around me.

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In Case You Are Wondering #WW

Everyone needs to be reminded throughout the day that they are loved. What better way then when they open the fridge door.
love you note, food that loves you back

Happy St. Patrick’s Day – #WW

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day

For each petal on the shamrock
This brings a wish your way –
Good health, good luck, and happiness
For today and every day.
~Author Unknown - There's no gentle way to tell you that you're the designated driver on St. Patrick's Day - I wish drinking green beer on St. Patrick's Day wasn't the closest you'll come this year to eating a vegetable - We decided it would be best to confiscate anything that allows you to tweet or take photos this St. Patricks Day