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A SuperHero and Her Sidekick #WW

Shae is Supergirl (spiderman’s daughter NOT girlfriend) and Madi is the jammie girl. Madi was wearing a tutu minutes before this but decided it was interfering with her rescue missions. Dress up is a huge part of our daily play routine. Rob had to build a special cabinet just to hold all of the boys […]

Wordless Wednesday – New Driver

This picture says it all.  Sabreena got her permit to drive!

Wordless Wednesday – Antique

Check out this antique. This is the first iPod that I every owned and I bought this back in 2003. It was 15GB which was HUGE in 2003. I can’t believe we still have this around the house. For those of you wondering, YES it still works.

Wordy Wednesday-Hillbilly Wineglasses

Over the Christmas holidays we visited my in-laws (Rob’s Parents) and his mother show me a gift that someone had given to my Father-in-Law, remember him, I wrote about his resemblance to the Elmer Fudd Hat model. Anyway, she showed me these Hillbilly Wine Glasses. Simply put they are mason or jelly jars glued to […]

WW – Do I Really Look Like Fart Bart Dude?

Do you think Fart Bart Dude and I could be twins?  I remember the day Shaun and Sabreena created him and named him.  The name started out as Fart Bart and Shae added Dude so now I am Fart Bart Dude. LOL.

Wordful Wednesday-It’s Just Us

Here we are, a rare picture of us together and I think it’s a pretty good one. I’m on my tippy toes so Rob didn’t have to bend down since I’m such a shortie. This is us in Galveston, TX at the Moody Gardens Aquarium Pyramid.

Wordful Wednesday- She Gets it from Her Mama

Not a word people! We know she’s only 15 but there isn’t a freakin’ thing we can do about the way she looks. She obviously gets it from her mama 🙂 Anyway this is her going to Homecoming 2 weekends ago. All dressed up with NO date. She went with a group of friends then […]

Wordless Wednesday – This Is How Cheap I Am

Or maybe this is just how lazy I am who know. I hate going clothes shopping so I literally wear my clothes until they fall apart like you can tell from these two pictures. Those jeans we borderline inappropriate to wear at work so last night I needed to go out and buy a new […]

Wordful Wednesday-Battling In The Park

Sunday Melinda and I were driving by our local park on our way home and we spotted this. Melinda immediately starting laughing and turned around just to get this picture.  They were in full battle when this picture was taken. This picture will be even more funny to you if you ever saw the movie […]

Wordfull Wednesday-Shae Can Dance

A couple weeks back we told you about Shae starting dance class. Well the consensus is she LOVES it.  She shows off her ballet positions, her tap shuffles and her stretching techniques. This is the latest thing she showed me, a dance move.  I don’t know about you but I’ve never seen a ballerina dance […]