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Wordless Wednesday – This Is How Cheap I Am

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Or maybe this is just how lazy I am who know. I hate going clothes shopping so I literally wear my clothes until they fall apart like you can tell from these two pictures. Those jeans we borderline inappropriate to wear at work so last night I needed to go out and buy a new pair. Also, I forgot how expensive jeans are. LOL. That is the cheap in me.

I Disclose

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  1. Tenille says

    My husband has ones like that too. MEN!! 😛

    • Cool, at least I am not the only guys who has (well had, threw them away lasy night) jeans like this.

      Happy WW!

  2. Looks like jeans from my husband’s dresser.

  3. Rob, Rob, Rob….

    Melinda, you’ve got your hands full…. . 😉

  4. LMAO!

  5. It must be a guy thing. My husband has suit pants that look like that.

  6. Haha! I do the same thing, so I don’t think it’s a guy thing. I simply cannot stand shopping for myself. I would rather spend every extra little penny on my baby girl, rather than myself. Lol…I am still rocking sweaters and pants from 10 years ago. Now that’s bad!

  7. You and my Hubs are cut from the same cloth! (no pun intended).

    • LOL, I am surprised to hear so many people have jeans like this. Thought I was just a weirdo.

      Happy WW!

  8. Those look like work pants!

  9. LOL looks similar!

  10. Jeans are crazy expensive – we just bought hubs new chinos and jeans because he lost weight. OUCH.

  11. Deborah says

    Nothing wrong with wearing them until they wear out. Now recycle them into something else.

  12. Ha ha ha….
    for a minute, i thought you posted a picture of my husbands jeans!!!!
    they look the same, but maybe a bit worse….
    I still can not get my link to go in your linky, but would love a visit from yall 😮


  13. That’s hilarious, but I have to admit I have a pair with almost matching holes.

  14. Amy @ Coffee With the Mrs. says

    LOL Nice.

  15. hahaha you’re almost as bad as my Hubby 😉

  16. Candace says

    Yeah i hem and fix holes too because I tell you what its hard to find the perfect jeans and when you only have one pair you can’t let go lol

  17. Yep it’s a man thing. You can go into my husbands closet right now and see a few

  18. LOL! Those look VERY similar to some jeans in our closet… 🙂

  19. ROFL

  20. At least you go a shop for new ones, my hubs would just wear them until they fell off him.
    I have to buy them for him or he would never have a new pair. =)

    As for yours, ???BORDERLINE inappropriate for work???

  21. There’s nothing wrong with those – they look comfy!! haha
    My hubby has a few shorts like that.

  22. Brings a new meaning to loving something to pieces. 😉

  23. My husband has some shirts that are just rags, I don’t understand why he still wears them.

  24. I haven’t gotten that cheap yet! LOL

  25. Lee’s keeps sending me coupon codes!

  26. Jeans are pretty expensive! I have 2 pairs with holey knees I still wear!

  27. Amy W. says

    That’s so funny! My husband does the same exact thing!

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