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Wordless Wednesday – New Driver

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This picture says it all.  Sabreena got her permit to drive!

I Disclose

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  1. Carabee says

    Aw! The roads will never be the same! 🙂

  2. Paula Schuck says

    That is great. I am not looking forward to that day with my girls.


  3. Stay off the sidewalks! LOL Good luck to her (and you!)

  4. Misadventurous Mommy says

    My “teen” just officially became a teen last week…I’m scared to even begin to think what it will feel like when that happens to her!

  5. Oh no!! I mean cool! lol

  6. LOL!! How exciting for her and nerve wracking for everyone else! 😉

  7. They really have to sport those big signs in your state? Well, GOOD! ;0

  8. Scary, isn’t it? Our kids are growing up….

  9. How exciting for your daughter but I know you must be SO worried. Driving can be fun so I hope your daughters first time will go well

  10. that’s awesome!!! NO texting!!!

    • LOL. Unlike me. I am bad when it comes to driving and texting, Sorry but at least I can admit it.

  11. yay! congrats!

  12. Does she put that on the car when she’s driving? I thought a sign like that even after they get their license for 6 months would be a good idea because of how annoyed other drivers get without realizing its a new driver.

  13. That’s a big deal! Congrats to her!

  14. What a big day. So exciting!!

    • For her not me. LOL. This is an expensive day especially once I have to add her to our insurance plan.

  15. Aw congrats! Make sure she knows how to parallel park! I just called my dad yesterday to thank him for teaching me to parallel park in his huge truck so I would feel comfortable in anything I drove. I was at the gym and watched this woman give womankind a bad name by sadly attempting to parallel park her little 4 door before driving off in a huff. Good luck! 😀

    Visiting from the Mama to 4 Blessings linky!

  16. Maryann says

    She can’t be that old already!

  17. uh-oh. you guys are in trouble now.

  18. I would say congratulations, but I’ve been there and it’s a little nerve wracking, lol. My friend used to bring a magazine to read while her daughter drove because she couldn’t watch! My son won’t drive with me anymore because apparently I’m a back seat driver, lol.

    • LOL. I was reading my phone the other day then realized maybe I need to pay attention while my daughter was driving.

  19. Woot! Woot! Nothing like getting your permit & license!!!

  20. Oh my! Time to start an aspirin regimen lol

  21. Awww how time flies. a BIG CONGRATS to her and you!

  22. she is probably out of her mind excited to be driving! I know I was.

  23. Oh my gosh! Congrats! My 16 year old has yet to get his permit, I’m sure it will happen this summer!

  24. I love it. Good luck to her! I remember my first driving- it was so fun but so nerve wrecking for my parents!

  25. Ooh, exciting and scary at the same time! I hope she learns quickly and without tears for anyone!

  26. Tat is the point I am so afraid of!!

  27. congrats to her! My daughter is counting the days until she gets hers, but I am dreading it! Sixty one days left for us.

  28. Aaaah, yeah! With driving comes much responsibility: like, picking up groceries for mom, dropping off siblings for mom, etc, etc! 😉 Congrats to your DD!

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