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My Boy Sam

My boy Sam loves cuddling in his crate with his blanket.  He is cute just like his father.

Our Tiny Dancer- Wordful Wednesday

What an adorable little ballerina/tap dancer? What you don’t see in these pictures is Shae having a complete meltdown as soon it was time to go into class. Once she realized that I WAS NOT going with her the waterworks started and she literally was clinging to the walls as I tried to get her […]

Lady Shae Shae – Wordless Wednesday

This was taken this weekend at a friend’s house. The girls at the party dressed Shae up and she performed Tonight Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae. This song right now is by far her favorite song. She said she would only perform if everyone turned their head.  We didn’t and she still performed and did […]

Wordful Wednesday- Introducing Sam

So the Monday I had a bug up my butt that I wanted a dog. I figured the kids got gecko’s and Melinda got fish so I wanted a dog.  I searched shelters, the SPCA and craigslist and decided to get Sam who is a 10-12 week old Lab/Boxer mix. This whole searching thing took […]

Wordless Wednesday-Football Practice

Shaun is in his 2nd week and practice. He’s looking good!

Wordless Wednesday – Two Cheese Balls In Ocean City, NJ

We went to Ocean City, NJ last week while on vacation and here is a picture of Melinda and Sabreena posing while waiting for the kids to get off a ride.  

Wordless Wednesday – Me & Melinda at Great Wolf Lodge

I am on vacation this week and we all went to Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos from Sunday to Tuesday. This is one of few pictures of Melinda and I. Aren’t we too cute? I say yes we are!

Wordless Wednesday – A Treat At The Beach

Me, Melinda and the kids went to Ocean City, NJ this past weekend for a little getaway. The kids got a treat from Kohr Bros. I think they enjoyed it. LOL.

Wordless Wednesday – Time to turn off the TV

Ever here of the Gerber Grow Up Plan? Well Shaun obviously has, they play the commercial constantly in between his cartoons.

Look Who Got a Haircut- Wordless Wednesday

Shae’s hair hasn’t been this short since she was a 2 years old. She was tired of the tangles so we chopped it off. Next time it’s going a tad shorter.