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Wordless Wednesday – Antique

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Check out this antique. This is the first iPod that I every owned and I bought this back in 2003. It was 15GB which was HUGE in 2003. I can’t believe we still have this around the house. For those of you wondering, YES it still works.

I Disclose

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  1. I used to have a pink iPod mini. Actually, I still have it somewhere and it works, it just won’t upload new music anymore.

  2. I had an iPod mini which was working until very recently when I spilled pop on it. I love that yours still works.

  3. Girl, you were definitely ahead of the time before we were!

  4. Chris has a classic iPod and refuses to get anything new. He loves it.

  5. That thing is gigantic!

  6. I have an old one too, I think its 2nd generation. I figure I can give it to one of the boys once I upgrade.

  7. April H says

    Wow! I remember when these came out!

  8. Maryann says

    Reminds me of the first mobile phones, with the big battery packs!

  9. Misadventurous Mommy says

    I used to have the same one until my children decided to pretend it was a cell phone, now God only knows what happened to it!

  10. I was commenting on an employee who had one that old on her desk yesterday. Her comment was that it still works. Enough said.

  11. hehe! I am surprised that it doesn’t really look all that different than new ones.

  12. LOL that’s awesome. you were so technology ahead back then! WOW

  13. Yup-totally remember that one!

  14. Awesome! Hold onto and you might win a contest one day for the oldest ipod. I saw one for the oldest Toshiba a while back.

  15. Funny how tech changes so fast now!

  16. Wow it looks so old even though it isn’t.

  17. I’ve never owned one! 🙁

  18. Hey, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it 😛 Now you have more reasons not to buy your kids a new one 😛

  19. It is great that it still works!

  20. lol Mine still looks like that – I’ve never gotten a new one because it still works!!

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