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Wordful Wednesday- She Gets it from Her Mama

Not a word people! We know she’s only 15 but there isn’t a freakin’ thing we can do about the way she looks. She obviously gets it from her mama 🙂

Anyway this is her going to Homecoming 2 weekends ago. All dressed up with NO date. She went with a group of friends then headed to Main Street for a late pancake dinner.

Did you see her shoes? Thanks to My Shoe Connection and their crazy big selection of evening and wedding shoes in every color and style Sabreena got to sport these super hot purple peep toe shoes.
prom shoes peep toesOh, and they fit mama 🙂

I Disclose


  1. Ugh. YOUR daughter is gorgeous. Please delete that other comment. It’s going to haunt me for life. LOL

  2. She’s absolutely beautiful! Rob has a loaded shotgun at the ready, doesn’t he?

  3. Lol Jenn! I agree she is just beautiful! Also def love the shoes.

  4. Love those shoes. Good for her going with friends instead of a date. That was always way more fun!

  5. Wow Melinda, she is GORGEOUS! I can see Rob will soon be sitting at the front door with a baseball bat to fend off all of the boys.

  6. She looks gorgeous!!!

  7. She’s stunning!

  8. So pretty, gosh she sure looks older than I did at 15!

  9. Jennifer @ Mom Spotted says

    First, I want those shoes!

    Second, she looks beautiful!

    Third, Where is Rob and the shotgun? I figure he followed her that night lol

  10. Ok… LOVE those shoes, and she is just gorgeous!!

  11. She is really gorgeous! And such a pretty choice of dress, too!!!

  12. holy guacamole! she’s stunning. Get the shotgun is all I’m sayin’!

  13. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough said.

  14. She is simply stunning! She def. got it from her mama lol

  15. Jacqueline @Blessings Abound Mommy says

    Wow! She is stunning! Guard her with your life! LOL! 😉

  16. Beautiful … her, the dress, the shoes! Great shoes!!

  17. She is a beauty!!!

  18. Im surprised you don’t already have guys just randomly showing up at your house! Those shoes are super cute too!

  19. she’s beautiful! Get ready!!

  20. She is beautiful! And I definitely love the shoes.

  21. What a beauty!!

  22. She is beautiful. I hope she had a great time.

  23. She is lovely! Loving the purple shoes, when you get tired of them ship them this way;)

  24. MSRheinlander says

    She is GORGEOUS!!!

  25. OMG that gorgeous at 15?! Watch out!

  26. Casey Berger says

    Enough said. Also def love the shoes. She’s stunning! holy guacamole!

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