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Wordless Wednesday – Here’s Rocky

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This is the newest member of our family and his name is Rocky.  He is a 3 year old toy poodle.  Sabreena and I drove 1.5 – 2 hours this past Saturday to pick him up and we are in love.  I was warned by the owner that he is scared of men (not sure what the previous owner did to him) but I am trying everything I can to make him feel comfortable around me.

I Disclose

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  1. Marianna says

    Nice to meet you Rocky!

  2. what a cute little guy! I hope he feels safe around you soon!

  3. Rocky is super cute!!!

  4. Your kids must be so happy! Is he already trained? The training has been crazy hard with Charlie!

  5. Oh man… I am jealous! I want a doggy to call my own too!

    • What kind of dog do you want to get? We might get Rocky a friend so we are on the look out as well, AGAIN. LOL.

  6. Melissa Rheinlander says

    He looks like a cuddler 🙂

    • He is will Melinda. I need to kind of force him to sit with me right now since he is scared of men but he will cuddle and calm down if I pet him a lot.

  7. He is so cute!!

  8. Rocky is a cutie!

  9. He’s so cute! Have fun!

  10. Candace says

    What a sweetie Pie! I want a poodle for the non shedding aspect!

    • That is one of the reasons we went with him. We want a dog that doesn’t get hair ALL over everything.

  11. So stinkin cute! I wish I could convince my husband that we need to get a little dog.

  12. Rachel @ Following In My Shoes says

    Awww — so glad he has a good, healthy home now!

  13. When it is time for me to get a dog (i.e.:when the kids are not crawling around anymore, out of diapers)
    I will adopt too! What a cutie! I’m sure you will enjoy your new family member!!

  14. He’ll fall in love with you very soon! What a cutie!

  15. Cat Davis says

    Food is always good for bribery. 🙂

  16. Poor dog, I hope he can get over his fear of men soon.

  17. SO CUTE. I really miss having a dog, but I have a strict policy that all the children must be housebroken before we bring on somebody else who will pee on the floor. That won’t be for another 2 years or so.

  18. Aww, such a sweetie! I hope you can get him to warm up to you! We had a Cockapoo rescue when I was a kid and he hated all men, even my dad. He had been abused. He was a wonderful dog and wasn’t mean to men, just scared to death 🙁

  19. He’s a cutie. Just keep loving on him and he’ll come around.

  20. So much for being a no dog family! LOL 2 dogs in just a few months! hahahaha Fun for you guys! Hope to get a pup in the next few months!

  21. Maryann says

    I love poodles! Had a miniture one growing up.

  22. He is adorable. I love toy poodles and had 2 at various times in my life.

  23. So sweet! I think most dogs tend to feel more at ease with women – must be an alpha thing. Just take it slow and have your wife and kids kind of show Rocky that you’re okay 🙂 Oh, and treats help!

  24. What a sweet looking puppy!

  25. Awe what a cutie!

  26. Such a cutie. Hopefully soon he will come around to men.

  27. What a sweetheart! Hopefully it won’t take long for you to win him over.

  28. Awww he is cute. I hope he can get comfortable and trust men again. Poor little guy.

  29. Welcome Rocky! I’m sure you will be well taken care of in that loving home, they are always smiling and happy.
    Thank you Rob, Sareena and everyone else for caring enough to bring this loving creature into your home. It takes a special person to love an abused animal… you are wonderful people!

  30. Awww welcome Rocky! Too cute.

  31. I am so glad you guys have him! He is wicked cute!

  32. cute puppy!

  33. In time, I am sure he will be as tough as his name sounds. I am curious about his fear of men as well. Even though that is the case, I can sense he is very intelligent. He is lucky to have you as a new owner.

  34. Aww Rocky is a cutie!

  35. Adorable! It is great that you are giving him a safe home.

  36. He is adorable! He brings back sweet memories of my childhood. My mom had a red toy poodle. Copper had the silkiest hair. And he never shed. But boy did he like to snip if you got too close to my mom! lol

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