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Being Handy Helps

Now that I am an adult I consider myself to be pretty handy which comes in useful  since I am able to work on my own cars for the most part and I am able to fix most things around the house.  There are a few things that I wish I would have learned when I was younger and that is electric, plumbing and heating and air conditioning

When I was growing up my parents bought a house that needed to be totally gutted and remodeled which my dad did most of the work himself but thankfully my brothers and I got to help him which allowed us to learn a lot of different skills.  I was able to learn a lot during the process about framing, dry wall, windows, roofing and much more.  My dad is extremely handy but I do remember my dad having to have a plumber come out to run all of the necessary lines throughout the house because this was one area where he lacked the necessary skills.

Like I mentioned these are skills that I wish I had because these are highly specialized areas and if I was able to do that work on my own I could save a fortune.  Now these areas tend to be a little expensive for a reason so be sure not to do any of this kind of work yourself unless you are 100% sure in your abilities.  If you aren’t 100% sure what to do be sure to call in an expert to do the work regardless of the cost because getting it done right the first time is important. 

I am man enough to say when I need help and electric, plumbing and heating and air conditioning are those areas where I need a lot of help.  Need help hanging drywall no problem but need help with your plumbing you are on your own because I don’t know squat.

Is your husband handy around the house?

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