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Teen Fashion Advice – Avoid Trends and Find a Style That Suits You Right


The right fashion styles can help teen girls look chic and sophisticated. They can also showcase their personality and best features through originality, confidence, and uniqueness.

As a parent, you should provide some teen fashion advice and help them figure out their style. Be gentle, as teens can easily misinterpret your guidance as criticism.

Style Yourself To Look Good

As a teenager, your style can make or break your social life. This is why it’s essential to look original and authentic at all times. This can be done by avoiding fashion trends and finding a personal style that suits you best.

One way to help your teen achieve this is by letting them create a mood board with images of their style heroes, like Gigi Hadid or Harry Potter characters. This will give them a better idea of how to dress stylishly and stand out from their peers. Moreover, this will teach them that looking good doesn’t mean having to follow the crowd.

Wear Clothing With The Perfect Fit

When your teen goes through an unusual phase of wanting only certain styles of clothing, it’s important not to panic. Instead of screaming at her for wearing worn-out jeans or sneakers with worn knees, help her find ways to style them better and discover ways to style them that look better than before.


Help her select a pair of shorts she can accessorize with a vest and jacket for an impressive ensemble, or choose simple black denim and add a vibrant crossbody bagi to elevate her ensemble.

Shopping from ethical and sustainable brands is also essential, helping support both the environment and those who create them.

Wear Bright Colors

Many teen girls have a hard time picking a fashion style that suits them. They may go through a phase where they want to dress in only black from head to toe or wear the same t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers combo over and over again.

To help them stand out from the crowd, encourage them to add a few bright-colored clothing pieces and accessories to their wardrobe. These will instantly make them look more attractive and confident. For example, a striped crop top can be worn with a basic vest in neutral tones and simple denims or a pair of boots. The addition of a colorful crossbody bagi will also work well.

Pick A Fashion Style That Suits You

Teenagers tend to go through phases when it comes to fashion. From wanting ripped jeans or basketball shorts, let your teenager try them on for size, provided it doesn’t become obsessive and remains age-appropriate. There are some teen fashion essentials, but everything else should just be a good fit.

Help them discover clothing styles that complement both their personality and looks, while choosing sustainable brands to shop from. Doing this is one of the best ways to enhance their wardrobe and boost their fashion style while protecting both the environment and budget – not to mention having stylish shoes that can last them many seasons to come!

Shop From The Most Popular Ethical And Sustainable Brands

Whether she’s looking for the latest designer coat of the season or trying to find cool clothes from an obscure brand on Depop, your teen will have more fashion choices if she shops from the best ethical and sustainable brands. She’ll be able to feel good about her outfits, and she’ll know that the people who made the clothes did well.

The following brands use organic, regenerative, and recycled materials to craft their clothing. They also pay their garment workers a fair wage and provide healthy working conditions. You can find the following brands online or at local thrift or resale stores. They also offer sustainable footwear options.

Add One Luxury Accessory To Your Teenage Girly Outfits

Talk with your teen about how much money she’s willing to spend on her wardrobe and what she thinks she needs most. Try to do this in a comfortable space and in a conversation that’s neither confrontational nor accusatory.


She might need some extra fashion accessories to elevate her outfits, such as a simple white vest or a basic denim jacket. Encourage her to pair these with a bright pair of sneakers or a simple and stylish scarf.

Oversized sweaters are also a great choice for her because they’re easy to throw on and look cool. Adding these pieces will instantly make her wardrobe feel upscale.