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Do You Suffer from Adult Acne?

Healthy clear skin is something that comes pretty natural to me. Rob on the other had has suffered with occasional bouts of adult acne. He’s tried many products and while lots of them work for short periods of time he hasn’t found anything to solve the problem long term.

Proactiv is trying to help him solve his dilemma by introducing him to one of their newest additions to their Acne System. The Medicated Cleansing Bar is formulated differently than the Renewing Cleanser that most people are used to when thinking Proactiv. The main soap-free cleansing agent is 1% salicylic acid; an ingredient that helps exfoliate skin and clear pores to reduce breakouts. The Medicated Cleansing Bar is suitable for all skin types even those without acne issues as a way to keep skin clean, glowing and healthy.

Rob has been using the Medicated Cleansing Bar for about 2 weeks and has noticed a difference in frequency and amount of acne on his face and neck. Last week he might have had a couple set backs because we were on vacation and using lots of sunscreen, in and out of harsh waters and just plain ole lazy in our normal skin care routines. While he may not have been as faithful in getting his typical 2 face washes in he still managed to use the entire bar in about 2 weeks. Not usually a big deal but the cost of 1 bar is $18 dollars. That’s a pretty steep expense for just 1 step in a skin care regimen. If Rob realizes by next week that The Medicated Cleansing Bar is something he’d like to continue then of course we’ll pony up the money.

Proactiv was developed by former acne sufferers and leading dermatologists, Katie Rodan, M.D. and Kathy Dields, M.D. It has been used successfully by millions of women, men and teens round the worked. Proactiv has been recognized with 30 awards and honors from the beauty and health industry. We were provided products to try and share our experience with our readers.

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