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5 Healthy Recipes for Kids

Having kids means being on the lookout to make everything healthy. Kids can be fussy about what they eat, and some kid won’t eat anything that even resembles a vegetable. You can always hide it in their favorite food, but they are brilliant when it comes to picking out the broccoli and Brussel sprouts.

Tasty food

Here are some ideas that might help you get your kids to eat or drink healthy. One thing I have noticed is that a little theatre goes a long way with children. So, try making their food appealing; it will pull on their little curious minds and make them want to try it.

1. Healthy Pizza

Pizza is an absolute hit with many kids. If they don’t eat vegetables, or crib about it often then hiding them in their favorite food is the best way to go about it. Instead of using the regular pizza base, use a multigrain one to make it healthier. Switch ketchup with pesto sauce or homemade tomato sauce. Choose toppings that work well for your kids. Do not add all the veggies they don’t add, try sneaking in one at a time.

2. Melon and Kiwi Fruit Smoothie

Smoothies are a favorite for many adults and kids. They are a delicious way to gobble down some of the healthy things, and also make for a perfect evening snack. This particular one has been my favorite since I found the recipe. All you have to do is blend the melon, kiwi, grapes, and papaya with honey and oats. Everything you have in there is healthy and can be a breakfast or snack substitute.

3. Eggs-in-the-Hole Toast

Eggs-in-the-hole is a personal favorite, more of comfort food. Take brown bread, multigrain, ragi, oats – any sort of healthy bread and cut out a shape in the middle with a cookie cutter. Using cookie cutters give you a choice from many different shapes. Put the bread in the pan and crack open the egg in the hole. Sprinkle it with salt and pepper, and you are done.

4. Dressed Up Fruit Salad

Now, this is nothing iconic but is the definition of healthy. Children don’t make a fuss about fruits as much as they do with vegetables. So, it usually isn’t that difficult getting them to eat fruits, but on the rare chance that they are fussy about it – cut up fruits in different shapes. A pretty dish is more likely to be eaten by them. Make a story about it; use different shapes to represent something. Get your creative juices flowing.

5. Chips and Dips

Instead of serving them chips, slice up veggies like carrots and cucumbers, and serve them with hummus, salsa, or black bean dip. Tastier the dip, easier it is to get them to eat the veggies. Tortillas and pita can do too. A mix of all of these in moderation can give them a wide selection, and because they are eating tiny amounts of everything, it gives them a little less to complain about.