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How To Write The Baby Registry Information For An Invitation

A mother’s baby shower registry is an important tool for communicating their baby supply needs to their circle and getting the family involved, especially.  Even in modern times, when etiquette practices have loosened the rules around gift-giving, asking for cash is still heavily frowned upon. Putting together a registry of essentials allows people to provide […]

Busy Mom – Stylish Mom! How to Always look good with your Little one in tow

Being a mom means compromise. The time we once spent on our hair, makeup and wardrobe is now spent dressing our children, getting them ready for school and making sure they have everything they need. While being a parent is incredibly rewarding, it can take its toll on your confidence and your sense of self.  […]

How to Dominate Gift Shopping Year-Round

Do you stress out about gifts for birthdays and various holidays? There’s no reason to let gift pressure ruin any celebration. Most people are truly just happy when you recognize and appreciate them, whatever the occasion. But gift-giving is a significant cultural tradition, so it’s often unavoidable. It can be especially frustrating to feel like […]

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom 2020

What to get Mom this year? Your mom always gives you the best.  She has sacrificed her time, energy, and even sleep makes sure that you get everything you need. Why not surprise her with something that truly says you care about her? Your mom thinks that you can’t possibly surprise her after all these […]

A Hilarious Compilation of Best Dad Jokes and Riddles for Birthdays

We know that the best dad jokes are often so bad that they are so good. We laugh at how bad the joke is. Every dad makes jokes that they find funny and we laugh because of either how unfunny it is or how cleverly stupid it is. They have jokes for every occasion and […]

Happy Birthday to you! Gift Ideas for the Little Girl in your Life

Another year older, already? Time needs to slow down, right? It seems like you brought her home from the hospital only yesterday and now you’re planning what gifts she might like for her impending birthday. Finding the right gift for your daughter can feel a little daunting, especially if she has lots of friends and […]

A Guide to Getting The Perfect Guy Gift

Finding the perfect birthday gift for the men in your life can be very tricky. Men just don’t seem to appreciate the thoughtful gifts we think are so precious. So we run everywhere and do everything in our power to get the perfect gift, and it seems like whatever we do, we still miss that […]

5 Fun DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Kids

Halloween means getting ready for the trick-or-treat shenanigans. Halloween costumes can get expensive and more often than not finding something that makes you and your kid happy can be difficult. Make your own costume isn’t difficult. Here are some ideas to help your kids make their own costumes. 1. Baby Shark Baby Costume If you […]

How to Overcome these 6 Challenges of Planning a Child’s Birthday Party

For 364 days out of the year, your child looks forward to their next birthday. And for most children, this means hosting a birthday party. As a parent, the pressure of hosting a fun party with all of your child’s friends can be too much to bear. But it doesn’t have to be as challenging […]

Plan the Perfect Los Angeles Family Reunion Getaway

Los Angeles is the city of dreams. It can offer a lot to any person who walks by and has been the center-point for the intermingling of many cultures. The cultural potluck of L.A. also creates a pretty great place to meet your family and enjoy yourselves. If you live nearby and want to do […]