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Making Your Little Princess Happy: 5 Proven Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

If your little girl has a big sixth birthday coming up, you’ll want to give her the best day ever. From invitations to decor, to food, finding a theme for a little girl’s birthday party is often the simplest way to have a birthday party she’ll love and one that will be easier for you […]

Personalised Photo Gifts Under $25 Only

If you have ever shopped for a present for a loved one, you would know just how difficult this can be. Even if you are very close to them, it can be incredibly tricky to figure out the right gift to get. This is mainly because when it comes to presents, you have to strike […]

The Only Party-Planning Guide You’ll Ever Need

It takes an organized mind to plan a party of any kind, from corporate gatherings to weddings. There is also the matter of creativity and the luxury of time and budget. Of course, small get-togethers can be managed pretty well by a person or two, but bigger ones require a structured process. You cannot proceed […]

The 2018 Wedding Food Trends You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

What’s the best part of the wedding? Aside from the bride’s dress and the open bar (if you should be so lucky), it’s usually the delicious, unique food being served. Gone are the days of chicken or beef and that’s all – weddings now-a-days are taking their food in new and inspiring directions. Doesn’t that […]

4 Tips for a Successful Backyard Party

Whether you are celebrating the Fourth of July or holding a kiddie party for your little one, a backyard party is always a great way to enjoy life in the neighborhood. After all, there is nothing that passes as a nicer venue than the great outdoors when it’s warm. Enjoy the feeling of the sunshine, […]

How to Throw the Perfect Party for Your Daughter

Throwing a party that your daughter can be proud to invite her friends to is a feat that all parents would be proud to accomplish. There is no singular recipe that you must follow to achieve this feat, but below are some tips that may help make this party one that no one will soon […]

How to Throw the Best Birthday Party for Your Kid

Throwing the most perfect birthday party for your kid can be a pretty tough job, especially because kids have very high expectations. In fact, the birthday party becomes nothing less than a wedding! It is a big affair. Honestly, kids will get along with whatever you put on for them, as long as you are […]

Custom Kids Birthday Invitations Through Basic Invite

Turning ten in our household is quite the event. My husband and I decided a long time ago that when our children turned ten, it would mean several things. Farther bike rides away from the house, bigger chores, sleepovers with close friends, and a big party to kick off their first year of double digits. […]

Secretive Success – A Six-Step Guide to Planning The Perfect Surprise Party

A surprise party is one of the best ways to show someone how much you care about them. Picking a time, inviting all of their friends around, decorating their home to show the party atmosphere and surprising them with all of this when they get home is a great, positive way to treat a friend […]

34 Handmade Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Each year as the holidays roll around I rack my brain to come up with great gift ideas for my friends and family.  I like giving things that mean something. It could be an personalized ornament or sentimental piece of art or home decor.  Whatever the gift it I try to put lots of thought […]