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The Most Popular 7 Nail Varnish Trends to Try This Year


While it might not be a priority, taking care of your nail appearance may positively impact your mood and confidence. But doing them up with the same nail polish shades may seem bleak and boring. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of trending nail varnishes in this era.

2023 is all about varied shades to garnish your nails- flowery, fruity, and pastels. This season is also about pastels, neons, light shades, and creamy nudes that can dominate every woman’s toes and fingers—looking for some fun nail varnish ideas this year? Here are 7 top hottest nail varnish trends to pep up your appearance! So move on, dip your fingers in these gorgeous colors every other day this 2023!

1. Playful Pinks

As per experts, head-to-toe pink is this year’s aesthetic- simply get inspired by the celebrities donning hot pink nails this year. You may even experiment with the bold and bright pink that is ruling this season. Barbie, millennial, fuschia, and bubblegum are some other variations of pink to try this year.

Pink is also the new neutral adorning models’ hands at popular fashion shows like Paris Fashion Week. The neutral pink varnish looks classy and understated whether you are out for a cocktail or headed to the office. Strawberry-glazed, shimmery-pink nails are also in and can be a major summer or spring trend in 2023. However, if you want a simpler version, just use two shimmery pink nail varnish coats for a shiny pink vibe.

2. Gems or Rainbow Nails

Gems nails do not mean decorating your nails with gemstones, but it’s about using the different colors of Gem chocolate. This is one of the cutest trends on Instagram, where you simply need to cover your nails with varied, contrasting hues on each finger.


The best is to use nail colors like yellow/mustard, mauve/purple, deep red, olive/mint, and baby pink. Keep similar colors apart so it will appear as if you have chosen the colors randomly. And do not forget to use different series of colors in both hands. You can even create rainbow nails by using several pastel nail colors and swiping each shade on the tip of a makeup sponge one after another in line and then dotting the sponge on each nail.

3. Milky Nails

If you love matching your nail color to your outfits, you may never have to worry about milky or white nails. White will be the perfect base for all kinds of clothes you wear. You can opt for a stark-white nail color that’s always on trend or jazz up things by adding a shimmery top coat or squiggly design. Milky white nails are for those who love simple nude colors. It creates a milk-like translucent effect on the nails, giving them an elongated appearance, accentuating your makeup and outfit, and making your skin appear more bronzed during the summer. And soft, clean white offers a sense of inner peace and simplicity; thus, it deserves a place on your dressing table and your fingers too!

4. Clear and Bright Shades of Blue

Cobalt blue is right on top as one of the hottest nail trends in 2023. This optimistic color is quite soothing and looks fantastic on the toes or nails, especially when you want to make a bold statement. You can even try out a navy blue or light pastel, or both in combination with one of your nail designs this year for an ocean-inspired nail appearance. Besides that, cornflower, royal, and electric- the poolside shades of blue are also making a comeback. These universally flattering shades go well with denim and offer a good summary edge when accentuated with shimmer.

5. French Tips

French nails are a popular nail varnish trend that will not disappear overnight. Different variations of the nail trend reigned in some of the coolest fashion shows, like New York Fashion Week. You can carry this staple look in several ways, like opting for a conventional white-tipped manicure or getting all creative with different colors.


However, if you are fond of timeless and classic varnishes, then the Pastel French tip will be the right option. Pastel colors, like pink, green, and blue, are the ideal blend of fun and subtlety to add to your stunning French manicure.

6. Barely-There Nudes

The barely-there nude nail varnish trend is perfect for women with a classic or minimal style sense or those who simply want a natural but better feel for a corporate appearance. Nudes, like browns, pinks, and grays, may differ for varied skin tones, and they will complement your undertones in the best way possible. This well-known nail varnish trend also presents a picture of simplicity, elegance, and a sophisticated appearance. It always looks fresh and will satiate your requirements for all occasions, whether you are looking for a formal or casual style.

7. Bold Neons

Your nail polish collection this year should not miss out on one bright and bold neon shade, like lime green, yellow, or Barbie pink.


These are super girly shades, great for accents on neutral or nude nails. Trying gradient or ombre nail art is also an excellent way to switch up the nude nail color look.

The Bottom Line

There you are! Use any of these nail varnish trends to create beautiful nails this year! But always remember that your thriving nails need so much more than just a vibrant nail color. Follow nail care tips and attempt at-home manicure sessions to ensure your nails are healthy and always look gorgeous.