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Baby Shower Gift #4 Laugh and Learn DVDs

Babies don’t come with instruction books; this makes the voyage into motherhood a bit difficult. There are lots of thing that women may never learn until they actually become mothers. Did you always know how to swaddle a baby? Do you know what positions are best for breastfeeding? These things are learned by trial and error but you can get a headstart.

Sheri Bayles, RN, BSN, is a respected childbirth authority, an award-winning Lamaze instructor and board-certified lactation consultant, was on staff at the prestigious New York/Cornell Medical Center for twenty four years. This experience has given her the ability to bring to new moms an informative tool called Laugh and Learn DVDs. Each step in the series focuses on a stage of mommyhood. About Childbirth covers everything you need to know about being in the delivery room. About Breastfeeding takes Sheri’s experience as the “Twins Breastfeeding Guru” to make nursing enjoyable and less stressful. The final step in the series is About Newborn Care. This is where you can learn to give that newborn a proper spongebath, change his diaper and snugly swaddle him.

The DVDs allow new moms-to-be and even moms who need a refresher course to watch in the privacy of their own home. This is helpful is mommy instinct isn’t kicking in about every detail or if you are unsure what are labor signs and what to expect with fetal monitoring. Sheri offers calm non-judgmental advice backed with over twenty years experience in childbirth and breastfeeding instruction.

Sheri Bayles has recently put her valuable information into a book titled About Childbirth. The book gives you the same great resources as the DVD but portable! This allows you to read while in bed, on the commute to work or relaxing by the pool. Take it to the hospital to address any last minute questions or concerns you might have.

While I technically don’t need these DVDS anymore these are going to be perfect for my sister. Especially this baby being her first I know she has tons of questions. This series is going to let her soak in the information at her own pace in her own home and even allow her husband to gain a better understanding of how everything should flow. The Laugh and Learn DVDs are a great tool for every mom, new or seasoned.

LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! readers are getting the chance to win the entire DVD series for themselves or to gift to someone who can really benefit from learning a thing or two from Sheri Bayles. Visit Laugh and Learn and watch the first segment, “Anatomy and Preliminary Signs of Labor”, tell me something you learned.

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