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How to Choose the Perfect Gifts to Put On Your Baby Registry

When you’re expecting a baby, you know there are many areas of the journey to come that will be out of your hands. Life gets a lot crazier and less controllable when you have a child. As every parent knows, you’ll have to learn to accept the uncertainty and enjoy the ride with a loosened grip on your plans. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be well-prepared.

As much as you can never really know what’s to come, there are certain aspects of raising a baby that you can expect and be ready for. You, the parent-to-be, are in control of your baby registry list as you select the items you want by your side when you raise your child. With all the diverse options of baby items, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Going through life with a baby is a 24/7 commitment, but it can be tricky to think of all the items you’ll soon need. Yet, once you’re in the thick of raising your baby, you’ll be grateful to have them on hand.

We’ve created a guide to the gifts you should include on your baby registry, so you don’t forget anything important. You can use it to be as prepared as possible for the next steps of life. Keep reading to create your perfect baby registry!

Consider Essentials for Baby

There are degrees of importance when it comes to the gifts on your baby registry; the items you need immediately are a higher priority than, say, baby toothbrushes and baby toys. Items like a bassinet, diapers, wipes, a breast pump, and swaddles are going to be in use as soon as you bring your little one home. Be sure not to leave any essentials off your list and have your must-have items stocked and ready to go before you meet Baby.

Separate Your Items Into Categories

In order to accurately think ahead and stay on top of what you’ll need down the road, consider the different aspects of caring for a baby and group essentials into each section. For example, you’ll have nursing time, feeding time, bath time, playtime, sleep time, change time, etc.

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As you imagine the items, you’ll need for each of these moments, add them to your list. This is one of the most effective ways to ensure you don’t miss essential items, and it helps get you in the mindset of your new routine.

Plan for Outings

For the first few weeks, you’ll probably only want to stay inside in a baby-momma cocoon of snuggles and quality time, but eventually, you’ll want to get out and start showing your little one the world. You should include items on your baby registry that will prepare you for your outings. Don’t forget to register for a stroller, diaper bag, car seat, changing pad, and of course, trendy baby clothes! Depending on the season, you may also want to add warm clothes like mittens, hats, and booties. Getting out with a new baby can be daunting, but as long as you’re prepared, showing your baby new places is an exciting part of being a parent.

Remember That Babies Go Through Many Stages

Although you’re looking forward to bringing your newborn home and dressing them in itty-bitty onesies and getting all the snuggles, remember that babies grow fast! They’ll always be your little infant, but soon they will outgrow the newborn sizes, and you’ll want to put them to sleep in a crib (so you can also get some sleep). There are lots of other items you’ll want to have ready for those months down the road, too, such as a high chair, pacifiers, bottles, a baby bouncer, playtime toys, and a hairbrush.

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Remember to include items on your registry for all stages of your baby’s growth, so the process of watching them develop is a smooth one.

Consider Essentials for Mom

Don’t forget about you, the parent, when you’re creating your baby registry list. Consider all the things that will make your life easier (as well as the items you can’t go without), from nursing bras, nursing pads, and a noise machine (it’s for your baby, but also for your sleep) to a cleaning service and streaming subscription. Anyone who sees these items on your registry will recognize their genius of them, so don’t feel bad about prioritizing your own wellness.

Getting ready to care for a new baby is one of the most exciting times in a parent’s life, but it does come with its ample share of preparation. Your baby registry list will be your best friend as you consider the items you won’t be able to live without once you have a newborn. You can use this guide to help you choose the perfect gifts to include on your registry to make your time with your infant the most special!