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Steps to Hosting the Perfect Virtual Baby Shower

Despite the regular quarantines and social distancing, you don’t have to give up your dream baby shower! With a virtual get together, throwing a baby shower is both less expensive, and more convenient than ever. 

Here is how you can include all of your loved ones in your family’s next chapter while staying totally safe.

Pick Your Theme

Your very first step should be to decide on a theme for your party theme! Okay, this step isn’t 100% necessary, but I find that it helps streamline the decision making process when it comes to the details of your virtual shindig. It can be as simple as a color scheme (pink and blue literally can’t miss) or an animal theme (lions, tiger, and bears, anyone?) or something as involved and complicated  as your heart desires (not me and my Hogwarts baby shower vision board). If you really want to make this baby shower your own, you have to begin with the end in mind.  

If you are throwing a baby shower for someone else, it is also crucial to honor the mother-to-be and think of her every step of the way. Be sure to plan the event that she can enjoy and her family members will always remember.  

Choose your Platform

It can be a little overwhelming to choose which platform to host your video call on, and because we live in the future, new options keep popping up every few months, but don’t be intimidated! Each platform has its pros and cons, but the most popular by far is Zoom. You can host up to 300 people and it is easily accessible on mobile as well as on desktop. It is also very intuitive, so your technologically challenged grandmas and great aunts can join the party! Some other options are Google Hangout, Facebook, and Skype.  

Send out Invitations

Now’s the time to spread the word! You’re going to need a virtual invite for your virtual party, of course. Design invitations for all your guests including the link to your party as well as the date and time. If you need inspiration, has a library of absolutely precious baby shower invite templates, which are all completely customizable.

You can even fit in a QR code to the invite that will take guests directly to your virtual party page. 

Set up an Online Registry

If you are planning a gift opening portion of your party , you will have to set up your registry early enough so that your guests can take their time sending you the perfect present. There are plenty of websites like and that specialize in baby shower registries. Most stores like Target, Walmart, and Amazon can also help you set up your online registry very easily.  

Don’t forget to check out the perks each service offers! Babylist offers a 15% registry discount, while Target offers a similar discount plus a welcome kit and free returns for a year. Make sure to choose a service with the gifts and the perks the new parents will get the most out of.

Party Games

VIrtual party games come in two types: games you can facilitate through your video call, or online games. If you and your guests are familiar with online gaming, you can easily get everyone together on Discord to play whatever games you like.    

For a mixed crowd, Jackbox Games offers party packs and bundles of various online games.  The best part is that their online games are designed for parties, so they work with large groups, and first time players can easily jump right in on their computers or mobile devices without having to create an account.  

If you don’t want to mess around with online games, you can run games through your video call. Nothing is worse than spending precious party time troubleshooting and if your guests don’t like online games, then you simply have to meet them where they are at. Playing games like baby themed trivia, pictionary, or the price is right through your video call will take a little longer to plan, but if you have less tech savvy party guests, these are foolproof.  

Virtual Nursery Tour

Here is where you can make the most of staying at home. Take this opportunity to show off your nursery! To make this its own event, be sure to feature any gifts from your guests, family photos, or anything in your nursery that makes you smile.

Wrapping up

While the pandemic may have thrown off some of your plans, you can still have your dream baby shower. With a virtual get-together, you can be sure to bring your loved ones together to prepare to welcome the newest addition to your family.