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Girl Scout Cookie Weekend Feb 7 #cookieboss

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2014 disclosureIt’s that special time of year when you approach your local grocery store, shopping center or small business and can buy Girl Scout Cookies. I don’t know what they put in their recipe but each year buying this a must. Walking up to the table the girls are armed with smiles and boxes in hand. How can anyone resist.
Girls Scout Cookie Time
Buying cookies each year is way more involved than just already breaking your New Year’s Resolution diet. The cookie program is a lesson in life skills:

  • building a business
  • understanding financial literacy
  • establishing relationships
  • organizational skills
  • persistence
  • effective communication

All of this is happening as you are tearing open that box of Thin Mints on the way to your car.

Each time you purchase a box of Girl Scout cookies that money goes right back into the organization to provide services to the community and fund trips and activities for the girls. Empowering the Girl Scouts today with confidence, drive and camaraderie encourages them to create short term and long term goals for a future in science, finance, medicine and technology. Achieving those goals is the ultimate objective of the Girl Scout of the United States of America.

Show the girls scouts that they can accomplish whatever they put their minds to just by buying a box of cookies or two or eight, they freeze well. If you are interested in learning more about the Girl Scouts program for your own little girl or want to support the organization in any way they can be reached in many ways

Girl Scouts of the United States of America on Facebook
Girl Scouts of the United States of America on Twitter
Girl Scouts of the United States of America on Pinterest

Shae is at a perfect age to join. It’s been mentioned in the past so it’s something we’re gonna look into very soon.

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  1. I do love me some Thin Mints. I have about 30 friends with daughters selling cookies this year and it was hard to narrow down who to buy from this year. I wish I could have helped them all, but god knows that 30 boxes of cookies in my house would be very bad…..very bad. haha.

  2. I’m happy to support the Girl Scouts, especially by buying cookies. They’re definitely addicting!! Thanks for the reminder to pop over and pick some up!
    PS- I prefer frozen Thin Mints to non-frozen ones! 🙂

  3. victoria (AlissaMommy) says

    I just started this year but hoping to be able for her to reach her goals in life!

  4. Yay for Girl Scout cookies! I have actually been able to buy them here in Miami for a few weeks! I always wanted to join the girl scouts when I was younger but wasn’t able to. It looks like such a great organization!

  5. im’ a Brownie leader and love GS cookie time!! i wish we could head to NYC friday

  6. I absolutely love girl scout cookies. I have ZERO self control when it comes to Peanut Butter Patties! I could seriously eat them by the box! Thanks for letting me know they’re back. I had planned to start a super strict clean eating plan on Monday, but maybe I can get my Girl Scout cookie fix in tomorrow! 🙂

  7. I already downloaded the cookie app, to see when a troop will be at our store!

  8. Oh my gosh, I have to remember to order some Girl Scout Cookies before they stop being sold. I need my Trefoil fix!

  9. I loved being a Girl Scout – it was lots of fun. During cookie sales time we used to go in a group door-to-door with each Scout taking a turn at selling (which they don’t encourage anymore). Those were always fun times – spending time with friends and learning how to fundraise.

  10. I love the Samoas. So much so that i called the office and went and picked some up one year! I kid you not! They have a NYC office!

  11. I love Girl Scout cookies,, my daughter isn’t a girl scout anymore but it was so much fun when she was! Mint chocolate ones are my second fave but I LOVE LOVE the Samoas!

  12. Amy Desrosiers says

    I have heard that they started to make gluten free cookies? Not sure how true it is, but I’d love to get some for my family. I have not had Girl Scout Cookies in years!!

  13. I loved being a Girl Scout! I can’t wait until my girls are old enough to do it.

  14. I didn’t realize they were freezable, what a great idea. I always get a couple of boxes only because I don’t want them to go bad. You know though, hubby puts his leftover bag in the freezer of his thin mints, so I guess I did know you could freeze them, but didn’t make the connection for whatever reason. I got it this year, oh yes, I do!! 🙂

  15. katherine says

    Oh my, I have a bad obsession with girl scout cookies!

  16. I wish I knew someone selling them! Samoas and the peanut butter cookies are my favorites.

  17. It good to know that sales of Girl Scout goes back into service for the communities. It’s a great organization that does more then sell yummy cookies!

  18. I love supporting Girl Scouts, now that it’s time for the cookies I’m going to have to find a local troop and order some cookies. My faves are the Thin Mints and Samoas, mmmm can’t wait now lol.

  19. I love Thin Mints so they will always be a choice for us… Miss those GScout days.

  20. We always end up with Girl Scout cookies every year. I wish they would come out with a good chocolate chip cookie!

  21. I love Girl Scout Cookies. I can’t wait for my toddler to get older. I want her to join up with such a great organization.

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