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2010 Ford Taurus – Awesome Car!

Today the 2010 Blue Steel Ford Taurus we are reviewing was delivered to the house and let me tell you I was very excited.  As soon as I got home from work the first thing I wanted to do was take the car for a test drive but we needed to eat dinner first.  After dinner we hopped in the Taurus and headed to Cold Stone for some ice cream.

Today we are heading to Washington, D.C to attend the Smithsonian 44th annual Kite Festival and will get to really test drive the car.  We are really excited to see how it treats us on our trip but from I can see so far it should do just fine.

Ford’s are not new to us as we are already Ford lovers.  We own a 05 Freestar and have owned a Taurus in the past.  I would love to get rid of my 07 Chevy HHR and replace it with the Taurus I am driving right now.

We will be doing more posts about the car and our adventures we take in it.

Stay tuned.

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