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Wisteria Lane Kickoff to the Child Hunger Ends Here Campaign

I traveled all the way across the country this week to Wisteria Lane for the Kickoff to ConAgra Foods Child Hunger Ends Here Campaign. It was a whirlwind to say the least. With 12 hours of traveling and 26 hours on the ground to say I’m exhausted is an understatement.  Would I do it again? You bet.  With 17 million hungry child right here in the United States why wouldn’t I take any step necessary to spread the word.

Arrive to meet all the other fab ladies and FH team for lunch. I’ll give you a rundown of everyone later. We mingle and chat and click right away then off to the LA Regional Food Bank for a tour and volunteer activity. We packed approx 160 backpacks with cereal, peanut butter, milk and more so some of their most needy and hunger students. The facility was HUGE but in order to feed 1M residents a year it has to be.
This is where we met the Feeding America team. All money raised during this campaign and with the neighbor rallies and the purchase of participating foods benefit and local agencies. You could feel the passion and gratitude as they spoke about the needs for not just the Los Angeles location but the needs all over the country.


Wisteria Lane here we come! After some delays at the gate we finally made it to the Desperate Housewives’ neighborhood. The kickoff started with a celebrity backpacking session, the same thing the blogger group did the day before at the LA Food Bank. Next came the announcements of the efforts being made across the country. The words were heartfelt and powerful and informative from ConAgra’s Kori Reed, Feeding America and Dana Delaney; Child Hunger Ends Here spokesperson.

To date, more than 330 Child Hunger Ends Here neighborhood rallies have been registered throughout the country to fight against child hunger. I’m registering one of my own this weekend. I’m participating in a community Flea Market where all the proceeds will go directly to Feeding America. If you are in the Baltimore County are please visit the Seven Oaks Senior Center Flea Market on May 22nd.

Please do something to #FightChildHunger in your neighborhood. Have a dinner, invite your family and tell them nearly 17 million children in the US are hungry. Gather your co-workers together and organize a food drive and donate to your local food bank. Rally your children for a lemonade stand on a sunny afternoon, teach them that while they have a nutritious meal 3 times a day there are many children who do not. It doesn’t take much to spread the word and for this fight every dollar truly counts. If you register a rally come let me know and you’ll be entered to win your own ConAgraFoods & Desperate Housewives gift basket.

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