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Why Does This Seem So Hard?

Lately it seems like blogging is becoming more and more difficult for me. With me living in Delaware during the week I am finding it difficult to read blogs and write posts. It is not that I don’t want to blog it is just I am tired after work and the gym and all I want to do is just sit back and relax. I do still enjoy blogging very much so I have been writing my posts and reading blogs and trying to work through this difficult time.

What is really discouraging me is that fact that our blog seems to be getting less hits and comments then we are use to. I am not sure if other blogs are seeing this but it stinks because I feel like I put my heart into everything I write. I am still reading and commenting on blogs that I like to read daily but don’t see the same at our blog. I feel like a lot of our regular readers aren’t stopping by daily.

I am in process of speaking with Melinda to see what the problem might be. Maybe posting everyday is too much and it is hard for people to keep up. Maybe we are doing too many reviews or maybe my writing just isn’t as captivating as I thought it was. I do tend to write a lot about my kids and family but that is my life so that is what I focus on. Maybe I need to branch out in my writing but not sure what to write about but this is something I am going to need to figure out.

Any ideas? Thoughts on what might be wrong? What you might want to read on our blog?

Thanks for your thoughts and ideas.