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The Block Party was a SUCCESS

How many ways can you have success? We have many successes yesterday with the Child Hunger Ends Here Block Party.

  • Beautiful weather
  • A minivan FULL of food
  • An awesome donation
  • Smiling kids in a bounce house for 5 hours
  • Balloon sword fighting and bug bracelets
  • Sticky yummy caramel popcorn
  • Ice cold lemonade
  • Kids of all ages bringing food for a good cause
  • Loving & generous family and friends that stepped up to help all day

I couldn’t have asked for a better day. The moon bounce was being filled and about 7 kids were waiting for it. I had to instruct them that this event was a fundraiser/food drive, go home talk to your parents and bring me something in exchange for admittance. I’ve never seen a bunch of kids take off so fast and come back with bags and bags of goodies. I wondered if they even asked their parents and didn’t just raid pantries.

Within 30 minutes of the official start time of noon the park was full of kids and adults enjoying hot dogs, cupcakes, lemonade and Philly Pretzels! I designed a very inexpensive fishing game for the toddlers and it was a HIT. A plastic storage container, large shaped cookie cutters and 2 dollar store fishing rods. The toddlers were able to pick prizes donated from Milkshake and little things Shae and I picked out earlier in the week; the pinwheels and CDs seemed to be the most popular.

Bloggy momma support from Sunday, Lara, Cara, Melissa and Joanne was so overwhelming. I’m glad I’ve made such great IRL friends from my online life especially to help me #fightchildhunger.

It was a great day. Rob, my dad and I are planning one for next year already!