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There’s a New Breed of Nerd

We always talk about Sabreena being a nerd.  We call her nerd or geek in a joking conversation and often include her friends in the mix. This weekend as I was corralling her and her friends out of the bounce house to make way for another group I referred to them as the geek squad.

You see Sabreena is a straight A student, member of National Junior Honor Society, completed her mandatory 75 hours of community service to graduate 8th grade in the 6th grade, is in 3 Advanced Placement classes and hangs with other kids who have very similar resume.

The difference between Sabreena and the nerds that are depicted on tv and movies is that Sabreena is also a pretty cool kid.  She’s got the book smarts but she’s also a pretty creative kid whose into music, painting, drawing and crafts.  Her friends are funny and into music too. One thing I noticed is that they are all pretty fashionable too; no pocket protectors here.  So while we may call her nerd she really takes it as a complement;  even though she took the joke a little too far for her 8th grade pictures.