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What is your Blog Purpose?

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Whatever that purpose is do you have one? I’ve been thinking about my purpose over the last couple days and realize my original purpose has changed since I started in November 2008.

My intent was to tell my readers all the new and cool things “Mom Found” on my obsessive internet window shopping trips. I do that, I still love doing that but I realize I want to do so much more. The Child Hunger Ends Here project and trip to Wisteria Lane opened my eyes to greater things out there; things that can really make a difference. I do love reviewing cool, new, unique products and I especially love giving all of my friends the chance to win them through giveaways but I know I want to do more.

Working on the Child Hunger Ends Here campaign is exactly what I never knew I wanted to do. It has given me a voice for a cause that matters. I have a voice, sometimes it’s small but it has something to say. I have other things to say and I want the chance to say it more often and about more than kid shoes, handbags and toys.

So in a nutshell, I’m not going anywhere I’m just changing my focus a little bit. I will still tell you about the fun stuff we do, we use, we eat and we talk about. I’ll still offer awesome giveaways and I’ll still keep you in the loop on the latest craziness in our family but I’m going to have other things to share that hopefully you’ll appreciate and share with others.

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