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6 Ways to Fight Boredom with Your Kids This Summer

Your kids may be looking forward to a summer break from school, but as parents, the prospect of three months with the little ones at home can be less than exciting. Keeping the kids busy on those hot summer days can be tough. The first weeks few weeks may go well, but by week three, […]

Why It’s Important to Treat Your Teen’s Acne

Teen years and acne are particularly synonymous. It’s very common for teens of both genders to experience breakouts. However, some teens may experience severe acne, where breakouts can happen all over the face, chest, back or other parts of the body. If the acne is severe, it’s important to receive proper medical treatment. Severe acne […]

Tackle Vaginal Dryness with the Help of the LubeZilla Infographic

If you suffer from vaginal dryness, as many women do, you will know the discomfort and problems it can cause. Well, you can now get some advice and help with regards to this condition by looking at the new infographic that has been released by the lubrication specialist, LubeZilla. The infographic is short but detailed, […]

5 Creative Ways For Kids & Parents To Make Money For College

Spending quality time with our kids is not only a vital and enjoyable part of being a parent, it can also be educational at the same time. When it comes to earning extra money for their college coffer, this gives us a unique opportunity to perform both of these tasks simultaneously and earn some extra […]

What You Should Know About Opening a Wine Bar

If you’re a wine savant, chances are you’ve thought about opening your own wine bar. Who could blame you? The idea of serving up your favorite pinot noir and cabernet paired alongside decadent cheese and mouthwatering charcuterie boards is enough to get any wine lover revved up. However, opening a wine bar can be a […]

Things You Must Know Before Selling Your Car

There is no singular easy way to sell your car.  Like many, you may want to sell your car to prepare for a big move, or perhaps it is time that you can finally buy that new model you’ve had your eye on.  If you would like to sell your car, there are a few […]

How to Improve the Education of Your Child

Your child’s education is something that you need to take very seriously. It needs to be one of your top priorities as a parent. It is true that your child will need to study hard and be focused in class so he or she can do well on tests. However, there are certain things that […]

Helping Your Guy Achieve His Fitness Goals

We’re already a few months into the year, and by now, many are realizing that sticking to fitness resolutions can be a tough challenge to tackle. If your guy has been struggling with his weight and fitness goals, and you’re looking for ways to help him improve his health in 2017, you may have found […]

Breaking Free of Drugs

If you happen to know a person that’s addicted to certain substances, then you are aware of the hell that addiction can cause. Which is why it’s really important to deal with the issue as soon as possible. There are many ways of treatment, the most hardcore of them being doing it on your own, […]

Taking More Vacations With a Timeshare

Many people have heard of timeshares, but there are a lot of misunderstandings as to what a timeshare exactly is and why it can be a good vacation option. A timeshare is a unique arrangement where an exclusive group of people is able to share access to a property. It’s a type of ownership, but […]