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Sustainable Crating Options for Your Next Small Move

A move, even a small one, typically requires boxes, packing peanuts, and bubble wrap. While these things help protect your stuff during a move, have you considered what happens afterward? If you do not dispose of them properly, your cardboard boxes and bubble wrap can add to the overflowing pollution problem.

This is why you should consider sustainable crating for your next small move. In general, crating will protect your items during shipping or transit. With eco-friendly crating, you minimize the impact of your move on the environment at the same time.

Why Should You Consider Sustainable Crating?

Beyond the excellent benefit of helping save the planet, sustainable crating offers you several personal benefits.

For example, if you rent or buy reusable crates, you will pay less than for new cardboard boxes. Reusable crates or containers often come in specific sizes, so you can pack them more efficiently inside the moving truck, making the most of the available space.

Moreover, sustainable crates are usually stronger than cardboard boxes, and you will enjoy extra protection for your valuable belongings.

Also, some moving companies offer sustainable crating as part of their services, which might save you some money.

Sustainable Crating Solutions

Rentals are the best option for a small move. Rental crates come in several sizes, and you can use them to pack various items like books, electronics, and fragile dishes.

If you want to hire a moving company that offers sustainable crating, consider the following:

  • Delivery and pickup options: Will the company deliver the crates, do the crating, and dispose of them after your move?
  • Pricing: Do the crates come at an extra cost, or are they part of the services listed on your moving quote?
  • Deposit: Do you need to pay a deposit for sustainable crates separately, or does your moving services deposit cover it?

It is important to get the answers to these questions upfront to work out your budget. If the moving company does not dispose of the crates, you must make a plan to do it yourself.

Plastic bins are another sustainable packing choice. While plastic may not seem like the greenest option, you can keep them for long-term use. If you invest in heavy-duty plastic bins, you can pack clothes, toys, and other non-breakable items. When you get to your new place, you can use these bins for storage. Plastic containers are stackable and do not get damaged easily. Also, they do not need sealing, unlike cardboard or wooden crates.


To make the plastic bin option greener, you can purchase second-hand bins online or from a thrift store. It will also cost you less money when you do this.

Additional Sustainable Packing Options

You can also use moving blankets or furniture covers, along with sustainable crating. Doing this will help you protect furniture and other big items during a move.

Instead of buying new materials, you can use old or unused blankets, towels, and comforters. The same goes for furniture covers: Use your old covers or get second-hand ones from a furniture store.

If you do not have these packing options, ask your moving company if they offer moving blanket rentals. Renting instead of buying will be easier on your pocket.

If rental crates or plastic bins are not within your moving budget, you could consider using recycled cardboard boxes. For instance, ask your friends and family if they have boxes you can use. If you get boxes from a store or local business, check for the recycling symbol.

You can reinforce these boxes and use them for storage afterward, decreasing your carbon footprint. Though boxes are not the most sustainable option, you can use them strategically, and they will not have such a devastating impact on the environment.

More Tips for A Sustainable Move

You can combine your sustainable crating or packing with the following strategies to minimize waste and plan an even greener move.

  • Use only natural packing materials: Forget about bubble wrap and use newspaper and other recycled materials to protect your items. You can even use green packing peanuts made from wheat and cornstarch. These biodegradable peanuts dissolve in water, so they won’t pollute the ocean or land.
  • Downsize and declutter before packing: If you have less stuff to pack, you will use fewer crates, boxes, and materials. This already decreases the impact of your move on your immediate surroundings.

Write on the crates or boxes to avoid label waste. Writing in big letters will also make it much easier to identify the items inside the containers.

Finding Sustainable Crating Providers

As mentioned above, some moving companies offer eco-friendly crating as part of their services. If your moving company does not offer this service, you may find a sustainable crate provider online or on social media. You may also find one or two on a rental platform, which may work out cheaper than other options.


However, if your city or town has a sustainability program, you may find it easier to hire a moving company that prioritizes sustainable moving.

The Future of Sustainable Crating

Sustainable crating and packaging form part of the global movement to create a cleaner and healthier planet. This is why you can already find biodegradable crates made from recycled cardboard pulp that are composted after use.

Plastic bin companies are expanding their services to include reusable and recycled bins and refillable packing materials.

Also, some companies are developing crates with embedded sensors that track impact, humidity, and temperature during transit. This minimizes risk to items during transport.

While this is used for pharmaceutical shipments and other large moves, it could work for small moves as well.

Choosing a Sustainable Move

By embracing all the sustainable options available for your next small move, you help the planet and support the green moving industry shift. There is simply no reason to stick to traditional moving containers and materials with all the eco-friendly options.

So, for your next move, choose sustainability and step into a greener future.