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Klutz Encyclopedia of Immaturity Recap

Gift giving for teenagers is hard. Sabreena’s wishlist is tiny: art supplies, earbugs, zip up hoodie, iTunes GC, THAT’S IT. So we got her that stuff and some others but I recently received something I know she is going to love; The Encyclopedia of Immaturity Volume 2 from Klutz.

This book is filled with funny stories, goofy tricks and how-to lessons on the most unnecessary skills anyone would need to know. This is right up her alley as she would just love to go to school and show of to her friends how to take off your underpants without taking off your pants or how to slip on a banana.

When the Editors and Klutz published The Encyclopedia of Immaturity in 2007, we knew it would make a great gift for someone’s nephew. And, sure enough, people gave it to their nephews — but also to their grandparents, brothers-in-law and accountants. Soon we were flooded with letters, e-mails and calls sharing one common theme — “”More! More! More!” 

So here’s a second helping of skills, activities, and secret knowledge — suitable only for those whose maturity stopped developing around the age of 12. In addition to thought-provoking topics like What We Talk About When We Talk About Wedgies, the book includes detailed directions for how to: fake a cold, slide down a banister, balance a ping pong ball on your nose, send a toiletgram, throw a sloshie, and more. It’s all new and all hopelessly goofy.

For years we’ve felt like the only kids at the grown-up table. Now it turns out the world is populated by a lot more people who are lot less mature than they look. Well, duh!

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