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What does Friendship mean to you!

For the last 24 years there has been one constant in my life, my best friend Stacy. We met the summer before 6th grade and have been there for each other since. We’ve been through it all together; heartbreak, kids, marriage, loss, adoption, death, relocation. Stacy is the 1st person I called when the kids were born, she’s the one I called when my grandmother passed, she’s the one I call when I’m having a bad day but she’s also the 1st person I call almost every morning. Our relationship isn’t situation specific, we talk to catch up, see what the other is doing for the weekend and when there is big news to share, we are 100% involved in each other’s lives.

My life is dotted with other friendships, all cherished and special but my relationship with Stacy is extraordinary. She’ll be my “sister” forever, no matter the distance between us, no matter the stress life brings, no matter the struggles we encounter over time.