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MUK LUKS shoes not just for Eskimos

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A muk luk is a soft boot made of reindeer skin or seal skin worn by Eskimos. That’s the traditional meaning anyway, my MUK LUKS are cuter. I was sent a pair of Horizontal Rib lace back boots for review and love the look and feel of them.

I’m not the type to tuck my jeans into my boots but it’s almost necessary with these so you can show off the fun lace-up detail in the back. My boots are also lined with Sherpa, that along with the front sweater section these are uber comfy and warm. The lace up back is great for getting a tight fit around jeans or a snugger fit under jeans. They wear like a slipper, comfortable with no pressure points or heel. These are perfect for my casual lifestyle.

How we started…MUK LUKS® is truly an icon in the footwear industry.
Launched as slipper sox in 1972, these classic comforts immediately became a staple fashion item. Over the years, MUK LUKS® has remained on trend, and now boasts the strongest, most comprehensive line ever. Bold patterns, bright colors, and total comfort define today’s MUK LUKS®— a contemporary cousin of the original. Shoes, slippers, accessories …. All fun! MUK LUKS® offers consumers fashionable, comfortable, affordable footwear that fits into their everyday lives.

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