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Panasonic Jetspin Cyclone Vacuum Compares WELL to Competition

Cleaning is my least favorite thing to do. That’s why I like my cleaning products and instruments to work well. I thought I was beyond happy with my last vacuum but I was recently introduced to the Panansonic Jetspin Cyclone Vacuum and I’m loving it so far.

While it has the cyclone technology it doesn’t have the pivot, turn on a dime feature. I do miss that but check out this list of other features:

  • Dirt sensor eliminates guesswork – display turns from red to green when floor is clean
  • Unlike competitor models, the dirt cup can be disassembled and washed, eliminating pet odors
  • Four onboard tools including Air Turbine Brush to remove pet hair from upholstery
  • 12-foot wand and hose for curtains and other hard-to-reach areas
  • HEPA filtration to remove allergens, pollutants and irritants
  • Belt Saver stops the motor when a cord/shoelace/carpet fringe becomes wrapped around the agitator
  • Available at an SRP of $249

A vacuum that tells you when the carpet is clean, what gets better than that? What I really liked about the Panasonic Jetspin Cyclone is it feels sturdier, more durable than its cyclone competition. It is heavier than our most recent vacuum but the onboard tools are handy when you decide to reach for those corner cobwebs or want to dust off the drapes. I also like the idea of bagless vacuuming but worry about particles getting back in the air when emptying out the canister.

In this house we have a mix of carpet, hardwood and ceramic tile. The Panasonic Jetspin has an EZ Bare Floor Switch that gives you a quick transition from carpet to floors without the need for changing or adding attachments.

It all comes down to cleaning. How well does the Panasonic Jetspin Cyclone Vacuum measure up to other vacuums out there? I would say excellent! It have great suction power a hefty “this is gonna last a long time” feel and everything I need to get the job done throughout the entire house.

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