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Wallace & Gromit Water Rocket

Most kids and adults love water and rockets and if not they should, LOL. This is just my opinion but I am sure they do. Why not add both of these elements together to make an awesome water rocket? Well, Wild Creations did exactly that and made the Wallace & Gromit Water Rocket.

Upon opening the box I received for analysis I knew that this wasn’t your ordinary water rocket. This water rocket comes with a foot pump which to me means business. Also, this water rocket is recommended for kids ages 7 and up. Please make sure your children are at least 7 and if not make sure an adult is the one operating the rocket while the kids watch. This rocket is under extreme pressure and could easily blast off and hurt a young child. Ok, enough of the safely stuff lets get into the fun stuff.

The Wallace & Gromit Water Rocket comes with a base, rocket and a TNT style handle for launching. All you have to do is fill with water add pressure and stand back while you launch this rocket into the sky. The cool thing is this rocket is like an science experiment. You can play with the water level, pressure and different angles to launch the rocket giving kids and teens unlimited options and hours of fun. Shaun, Shae and I played/experimented with this rocket for about and hour and it never launched the same height or direction once. At times the rocket launches 20 feet into the air and other times it flew over a 100 feet into the air. The fun and possibilities are endless with the Wallace & Gromit Water Rocket and for only $39.99 it provides endless entertainment.

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