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A Big Boys Room

Shaun is a big boy. I’m not talking about his size (but yes he’s tall) I’m saying he’s not a baby anymore. It recently became time for him to get a bedroom that reflected his growing interests and personality. Beyond Bedding provided new bedding and we bought a new bed and gave him a mini makeover.

When I showed him his pattern options he instantly pointed out sports theme bedding. Hs previous bedding was sports but this new set was a bit more mature. What I did like about the set was the bed skirt. It wasn’t girly and allowed us to continue to utilize the space for storage without looking sloppy or messy. When the set arrived we washed it before using it. This softened up the sham and comforter but also shifted the batting inside. It ended up being more lumpy than I liked but the color stayed true and the stitching remained intact and it didn’t get pilly. As you can see in the picture the comforter doesn’t quite reach the bottom of the mattress. One thing I hate is having sheets show especially when they don’t match.

big boy sports bedding

sheet peeking through

The bedding set came with a valance but Shaun has 2 windows so we aren’t using it. I think I might be able to put together some throw pillows with it; I just need some smaller pillow forms to start with.

Recently Beyond Bedding added a Custom Bedding option to their already extensive collection of baby, teen and adult options. Select your size, item, color, trim and pattern to create a bedroom that reflects exactly what you envision for a perfect sleeping haven.

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